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Outsource Mechanical Engineering for Consumer Electronics Industry

The electronics manufacturing service (EMS) market remains a highly dynamic market, driven mainly by the consumer electronics and communication sector. Evolving consumer choices are the prime driving force behind the strategic innovation and flexibility that is developing in the consumer electronics market. Consumer electronics manufacturers are subject to constant pressure from the ever-changing market dynamics, influenced by demand and supply.

Today’s marketplace for electronic goods – right from communication devices to industrial controls – demands sophisticated functionality, innovation, reliability and value within compact mechanical engineering design footprints. The intense competition faced by the players in the industry is forcing them to enhance their value proposition and offer integrated end–to-end solutions. In this highly dynamic, volatile situation, outsourcing destinations like India are helping consumer electronic manufacturers stay ahead of the intense global competition.

Outsource2india’s Mechanical Engineering Services Applicable to the Consumer Electronics Domain

The key functional areas in which we have experience are as follows -

  • Concept design and development, including industrial design and product design
  • Embedded design services
  • Designing functional product packaging, mold design
  • Development support from concept to prototype
  • Firmware and software development for customer-specific applications
  • Creating precise materials and component specifications
  • Rapid prototyping of packaging and PCB designs throughout the design process

Team Strength

Our qualified mechanical engineers are experienced to meet global requirements at many fronts. For one, they are able to carry out product development in conformance with international standards such as UL, CE, CSA, TUV and CENELEC. Our engineers also have extensive familiarity with industry standards, both existing and emerging. Being quick in prototyping technology validation, they are capable of providing product development support – right from concept to testing to manufacturing.

Outsource2india provides offshore mechanical engineering services applicable to the consumer electronics industry. Engineers at Outsource2india are fully equipped to provide the full range of integrated modeling, simulation, visualization and communication tools, including PCB packaging, housing design, thermal analysis and ECAD integration capabilities. These are required by electronic products manufacturers to design better products faster and at a lower cost.

Skill Sets

Skill set - Hardware

  • PCB Design: CadStar, Cadence Allegro, PCAD, ORCAD, Altium designer
  • FPGA based development in VHDL / Verilog: Altera, Xilinx
  • Protocols / interfaces: RS232, RS422, RS485, RF, Ethernet 10/100, GPS, GSM, GPRS, WLAN, cPCI, TCP / IP, MODBUS, PROFIBUS, CANopen, IrDA, Zigbee and proprietary protocols

Skill sets - Software

  • Assembly language programming
  • Web enabling embedded devices
  • Cantata ++, Chipview, RTRT
  • COM / DCOM
  • Design and analysis using rational tools

Development Tools Used at Outsource2india

  • TI MSP development suite
  • DSP Development Station (TI 5x DSPs)
  • FPGA Tools: Xilinx, Altera Platforms, EDK tools
  • GPS / GSM / GPRS / WLAN development setup
  • Matlab, Simulik, tool boxes
  • Cadence Allegro v15.0 (Concept HDL, Allegro PCB Studio)
  • PCAD 2004, ORCAD 9.1Cadstar, Dx Designer, Altium

Benefits of Partnering with Outsource2india

  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Reduced development costs
  • Stronger platform to approach newer markets

Our services for the consumer electronics industry are in strict adherence to international quality standards, thus enabling our customers to reap the benefits of optimal design and superior performance.

Contact us to know more about our mechanical engineering services in the consumer electronics domain.

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