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Point Cloud Data Services

Leverage Point Cloud Data To Convert Your Physical Factory Into A Digital Model

Point cloud technology has made quite an impact, helping architects and engineers create digital 3D representations of physical objects and space. Whether it pertains to creating CAD models in the AEC industry, animation, quality inspection, or mass customization and rendering applications, 3D point cloud data of facility offers a wealth of advantages. When you deal with point cloud modeling, factory remodeling, 3D scanning services, point cloud conversion, or data point cloud, you have access to data sets that can be used to create digital pictures of real-world objects.

Outsource2india can help manufacturing and consulting companies in the process of point cloud modeling & smart factory automation. Whether it is asset management, facility management/automation, factory remodeling, or digital twin of experimental smart manufacturing, point clouds data can help you with the most precise outcomes. With that said, here’s a segment on many other applications of point clouds.

Applications Of Point Cloud Data

  1. Digital Twin

    Digital Twin

    One of the most impressive technological advancements through point clouds is the digital twin. A digital twin brings together virtual and physical worlds, allowing you to monitor data and systems real time. Point clouds let anyone run a factory from anywhere.

    While digital twin allows bridging the physical into digital factory, the best outcome is that you get to reduce maintenance costs while enhancing the quality and design on your projects. Using the point cloud data to convert physical factory into a digital model is also rewarding because the changes in real-time data will automatically and immediately get carried over to the digital twin, and this gives you immense control.

  2. Creating CAD Models

    Creating CAD Models

    With digital twin-driven smart manufacturing and point cloud data, you can generate floor plans and structures in no time. It helps convert paper-based models to CAD models, or you can simply use laser scanners and photogrammetry for point cloud modeling and smart factory automation. You can also convert the scanned point clouds into a CAD model.

  3. Construction Progress Tracking

    Construction Progress Tracking

    One of the easiest and the most efficient ways of tracking the progress of your construction project is using point cloud technology simulation. You can conveniently use sensors and have a visual representation of when and what kind of work is completed, giving you the most realistic progress tracking experience.

Advantages of Leveraging Point Cloud Data

When you use point clouds, you breathe life into coordinates in the form of CAD models. Simply put, it is the intricate detailing that you’re missing out on when you refuse to leverage point cloud data. Major benefits are -

  • Helps Save Surveying Time

    When you use point clouds for surveying a building or a structure, it significantly reduces the amount of time in the process. Point cloud data tools such as laser scanners can help you go the digital way rather than manually to add to the accuracy of the results. And thus, you get to reduce the field time.

  • Delivers Accurate Results

    One major reason why point clouds are a lucrative option for current-day architects and engineers is that it guarantees the highest form of accuracy and precision that may not result from the manual process. In the case of digital twin simulation and smart factory automation, you get access to real-time data using sensors, and this again adds to the accuracy of the data you work with.

  • Allows Seamless Collaboration Among Teams

    Working on a construction project definitely involves collaboration, and this can be a complicated and daunting task. However, when you opt for point cloud to BIM services, it becomes relatively effortless to establish collaboration between architects, engineers, contractors, and the end-users.

  • Reduces Overall Costs

    Whether you leverage digital twin to convert your physical factory into a digital one or use point cloud data for the task of surveying, this technology helps save costs. In terms of point data cloud for BIM modeling, you get to reduce the costs involved in construction as well as surveying.

Outsource Point Cloud Modeling to Outsource2india

Outsource2india helps businesses leverage this technology to efficiently transform their physical factories, taking them towards smart factory automation. We integrate technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. We can assist clients through multiple CAD software such as CATIA, Revit, Solid Works, among others.

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