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Outsource CAD Conversion and Drafting Tools: CATIA

Paper documents, designs and drafts are a thing of the past with a multitude of CAD software applications invading the market. CAD Conversion makes sure that your document is accurate and precise in dimensions and design.

Draftsmen and designers consider CATIA - Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application - to be one of the best three-dimensional design tools in existence. CATIA is a product developed by Dassault Systemes, a French company. It is still considered to be one of the frontiers of the product lifecycle management system. This application was created in the C++ programming system that was famous in the seventies and eighties, with the purpose of developing the Mirage fighter jet. Slowly, the use of CATIA extended to other industries like aerospace, automotive and shipbuilding industries.

The Evolution of CATIA

Though initially developed by the aircraft manufacturer, Avions Marcel Dassault, its interface was modified in accordance with several parameters and made more user-friendly over the years. The initial marketing spree was taken care of by IBM in the seventies. Boeing found CATIA to be an application that served the company's requirements and thus became one of its biggest customers. Other aircraft manufacturers are shifting to CATIA because of the range of services that it can offer - the Indian Light Combat Aircraft and the Chinese Xian JH-7A were designed and developed with CATIA V5. Airbus, Vought Aircraft and Bombardier use this software to produce its components. Further, in the automotive industry, a list of European car manufacturers use CATIA for its vehicle design, surface creation, structural design and even design and manufacturing of body components. The incorporation of special features useful to the shipbuilding industry has resulted in the popularity of CATIA V5 with GD Electric Boat, US Navy and the Ford range of super-carriers.

CATIA's compatibility with UNIX and Windows has led to its being one of the most sought-after software applications in the industry. Its application as a 3D Product Lifecycle Management Software, Computer Aided conceptualization, design, manufacturing and engineering are being taken advantage of in a multitude of automobile, manufacturing and aerospace companies across the world. If you are looking to export files belonging to older versions of CATIA to CATIA V5 and CATIA V6, all you have to do is download certain add-on applications that perform the needful. For a cleaner conversion process, we advise you to leave it to the hands of experts on our team to patch the differences in the geometric kernel between the versions.

Salient Features of CATIA

If you have researched enough on CATIA and are aware of its distinct advantages over other CAD drafting applications, you would want to avail our services - we have got a team of skilled professionals who have been building their competency levels and expertise in CATIA since the time of our inception. Their experience in handling projects from different business sectors will help them cater to your unique requirements; usually, people choose to get their product designed in CATIA for the following reasons -

  • However complex the shape of the product may be, CATIA comes with a plethora of services that provide for an effective design - from conceptualization, design, meeting product requirements, traceability, functional architecture and physical testing.
  • CATIA offers the best surface designing and creation among its counterparts - in fact, it creates the best complex innovative shapes.
  • A flexible design environment with every conceivable design feature that can be used to define components, subsystems and assemblies is what CATIA provides.
  • CATIA provides one of the best CAD services in the market.

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