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Civil BIM Services

Outsource Civil BIM Services

Control growing overheads and technology expenditure by outsourcing your civil BIM services to us. Our contemporary designing practices and BIM technology improves outcome starting at $16 per hour

Constructing a residential apartment or a commercial space is not just about fabricating a building. It is a complicated process that involves the active participation of various departments - designers, developers, and more - for the successful completion of the project.

At Outsource2india, we provide comprehensive civil BIM services in India to help civil engineers, architects, real estate developers, and builders effectively plan, draft and build projects, while keeping their project overhead costs in control. Our expert modelers and drafters utilize the best-in-class drafting and designing practices to help you efficiently manage all your civil engineering requirements irrespective of your team strength or budgetary allowances.

Civil BIM Services We Offer

As a leading civil BIM services providing company in India. We offer specialized civil engineering services to provide our real estate, urban planning, and infrastructure development clients create innovative design projects and enjoy expert design and drafting experience for multi-level collaboration and teamwork. Our ISO-certified processes, latest technological prowess, and dynamic project management tools help us easily understand and accomplish even the most complex civil engineering project requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business. Our wide range of civil BIM services include -

  • Construction BIM Services

    Construction BIM Services

    We provide high-quality construction drawings using specialized and latest software like AutoCAD, Revit, MicroStation, and more to help architects and fabricators plan their projects with complete ease and precision. Our detailed 2D and 3D drawings provide ample information regarding the material, wall thickness, roof details, floor plans, and more to help civil engineers successfully initiate the project.

  • MEP Design and Drafting Services

    MEP Design and Drafting Services

    Leveraging some of the best-in-class tools, technology, and software, we help civil contractors easily carry out all kinds of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) projects, right from inception to finish. From cost estimation to material selection to designing and development, our expert engineers and draftsmen do it all to help you always stay in control.

  • HVAC Designing Services

    HVAC Designing Services

    We provide comprehensive design and drafting services for HVAC ducts to help civil engineers and contractors meet their heating, air conditioning, and ventilation projects as per the latest standards and regulations. Our expert HVAC duct design services help optimize the efficiency of energy, enhance operational functionality and reduce the cost of equipment for multi-fold benefits.

  • Plumbing and Drainage Design Services

    Plumbing and Drainage Design Services

    We provide expert plumbing and drainage design services to help you design a drainage system that's of international quality and standards. We can help you custom create inlet designs, storm sewer designs, basin designs, cross drainage designs, and more using the latest tools and technologies.

  • Geospatial Designs

    Geospatial Designs

    O2I experts use the latest geospatial technologies to create best-in-class mapping services for urban planning and development. Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning, 3D City Modelling, remote sensing technology, and spatial data conversion techniques, we offer expert mapping services for accurate civil engineering constructions.

Civil BIM Process We Follow

As a leading civil BIM services company, at O2I, we follow a holistic BIM civil engineering process to help you revolutionize your entire project flow, identify potential clashes and construction flaws, and promote seamless communication between teams for higher work efficiency. Our process includes -


01. Concept Pre-design & Preparation

We meet you and/or your team to collect all the necessary details about your project - data points, building, and floor plans, CAD drawings, structural information, and other vital information necessary for building information modeling.


02. BIM Execution Plan

Out experts then get down to create an effective BIM execution plan that defines your project objectives, route map, potential constraints, timelines, process protocols, and development phases.


03. Milestone Mapping

We then share our BIM execution plan with your construction, architecture, and engineering units to ensure the hassle-free flow of information, unmatched coordination, and communication across all deliverables.


04. Clash Detection

We seek reviews from all your teams to detect and resolve all possible clashes in the building plan. It helps us avoid all project conflicts.


05. Project Review & Delivery

Once all the necessary diagnostic investigations and modifications have been carried out, we prepare the final BIM model for successful delivery.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Civil BIM Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india is a premium Civil BIM Services providing company with over 25 years of rich industrial experience. We are powered by rich experience and a certified team of civil BIM engineers and designers who are well-versed with all aspects of civil engineering works. We use the most advanced tools, technologies, and software to design your construction processes. With deep industry knowledge, years of designing and drafting experience, and unmatched skillsets, our experts can accomplish even the most complex civil engineering requirements to perfection. Completely accustomed to the latest international rules and regulations, our team ensures that all your civil constructions are planned with strict adherence to international construction specifications and safety norms. Outsourcing civil BIM services to O2I can help you enjoy -

  • Affordable Prices and Plans

    We offer all our BIM civil engineering services at pocket-friendly prices. Our cost-effective services can help you reduce your cost overheads and technology investments.

  • Use of Latest and High Advanced Technologies and Software

    From Revit Architecture to Civil 3D and ArchiCAD, we leverage some of the most advanced software and solutions to design and develop your projects.

  • High-quality Solutions and Services

    We tailor our services as per your unique business requirements. This ensures smooth collaboration and targeted workflow as per your needs.

  • Instant Access to Certified Team of Experts

    With relevant technical know-how and deep industry experience, we have one of the best teams in the industry. Highly experienced and rigorously trained, they can provide you exceptional BIM civil engineering services for improved operational efficiency.

  • Strict Adherence to Global Quality Standards

    We design all our projects as per the international rules and safety standards. This ensures fewer conflicts and hassle-free approvals from the regulatory committees.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    Thanks to our global delivery centers, we ensure the quick delivery of your projects so that you can always stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Complete Data Protection

    We have very stringent data protection practices in place. Our encrypted servers and 'No data sharing' policies ensure the complete privacy and safety of your confidential business information.

  • Round-the-clock Support and Service

    Our customer service executives are available 24/7,365 days a year. They quickly address all your queries and concerns and ensure timely resolution of your issues for uninterrupted services.

Client Success Stories

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A US architectural firm contacted us to build CAD models that were complete with electrical layouts, switch positions, RCP, etc. We worked for 230 sites within 2 months using just 11 members.

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Outsource2india has been a tremendous resource for our engineering department. They are very precise and attentive to all our needs and have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible.

General Partner, a Manufacturing company in the US More Testimonials »

Outsource Civil BIM Services to Outsource2india

At O2I, we are a leading civil BIM service provider in India offering a spectrum of civil BIM services to a large number of clients across the clients. We are powered by a talented and highly experienced team of designers, engineers, and structure analysts who have a deep understanding of processes, technology, and standards. Having deep designing and drafting knowledge and experience, can not only help you accurately your civil engineering services by improving your process workflow but can also help you get the most out of your ROI.

Get in touch with us to know more about our civil BIM services and how we can help you with your civil engineering requirements.

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