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Precise 3D Rendering Solution for an Acclaimed Interior Designer

Precise 3D Rendering Solution

The Client's Business Requirements

Outsource2india was approached by a prestigious member of the American Society of Interior Designers who specializes in providing chic interior design and decoration services to malls and hotels across the United States.

The client's current project involved designing floor plans and walls for a posh new hotel set amidst beautiful surroundings, and they required exceptional 3D rendering services for the same in as quick a time as possible. Their exact requirement included the following -

  • A 3D rendered output image with accurate detailing and high definitions
  • 3D rendering of the floor plan as per the specified depth
  • The perspective drawings of the window and the bed wall created from scratch

Project Challenges and O2I's Expert Solution

During the course of the project, our 3D rendering experts had to face quite a few daunting challenges, chief amongst them being that the client expected the project to be completed within 36 hours. This was further compounded by the fact that our experts required more time to understand the precise structure of the guest room. As a result, the first iteration of our 3D rendering, although delivered in 30 hours, still had a scope for improvement. Therefore, our designers had to go back to the drawing board and make the necessary modifications.

Our approach to delivering the client's project successfully included the following steps -

  • Quick Team Setup: A team of two expert designers was deputed for this purpose. They worked round the clock to ensure that the drawings were completed and delivered within a day while leveraging India's unique time zone to the client's advantage
  • Appointment of Skilled Drafters: A team of drafters was specially assigned for the project. They worked with the on-site designers to deliver high-quality architectural drawings, as per the clients specifications
  • Usage of Prior Libraries: To ramp up the speed of the project, we referred to existing libraries of the projects we had delivered in the past. Going through the similar floor plans of other hotels for same geographical location helped a great deal in ensuring timely delivery
  • Timely Delivery of 3D Renderings: The second rendering met our client's expectations successfully. It is imperative to mention that the client was completely satisfied with the professionalism and flexibility of our team to accommodate their needs with urgency

Project Outcome

Following was the outcome of our services -

  • A premium quality output was provided at a cost-effective price for the client
  • The client's demands were met with absolute satisfaction
  • Timely delivery within 36 hours helped the client complete their business commitments within the expected timeframe

Our dedication to successfully complete the client's project resulted in satisfactory outcome. Needless to say, client was very happy with the solution we provided, and is one of our repeat clients.

Choose Outsource2india for Effective 3D Renderings of Floor Plans

Over the past 25 years, our team of 3D designers and animators has been delivering high-quality renderings, visualizations, flythroughs and walkthroughs for interior designers, architects, builders, etc. If you have a 3D rendering project to finish on time, the engineering team at Outsource2india can help you achieve your business goals like we did for this client.

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