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O2I Provided UAV LiDAR Mapping of Canadian Railroad of more than 600 Km

Case Study on UAV LiDAR Mapping of Canadian Railroad of More Than 600 KM

The Client

Our client is a company of scientists, experts, and leaders in the area of geomatics solutions. Their goal is to help various industries to achieve high-quality geospatial data. The Canadian company offers a wide range of pre-defined and time-tested services and tailor-made solutions, depending on their customer’s needs. They specialize in assessing and analyzing data captured by LiDAR sensors and other similar cameras.

Their entire range of services includes the acquisition of geospatial data, precision agriculture, LiDAR data processing, photointerpretation, and much more. These are some of their highest value services, though they also offer training sessions on photogrammetry, LiDAR equipment, and thermal cameras.

What they requested from us was help with a LiDAR mapping project. They found us online and learned of our experienced and professional geospatial services and contacted right away. They had their LAZ satellite images of around 656k railyards that they needed us to measure and highlight.

The final product they required was the entire railway track to be highlighted appropriately for their future analysis and reference.

Project Challenges

One of the biggest challenges of this project was the high level of accuracy that is required. The client allowed for only a three-meter tolerance range when it came to measuring each segment of track. Our team had to do precise calculations down to the LAZ images' third decimal point to achieve the required accuracy.

Also, the highlighting of the rail tracks needed to be precise and it was constant. It was a challenging job overall and our team only achieved success by being extremely meticulous and staying on top of quality control.

The Solution

This project was quite challenging on many levels, from the precise accuracy required to the right time frame of 45 days, there was much to be done quickly. We knew that we would not get through it properly without a defined plan to keep everything on track and in line -

  1. Once we fully understood the requirements, we did a trial run where we measured the highlighted short 2.2-kilometer section of the railroad. Once this was completed, we shared it with the client for review and sorted out the last few minor issues before proceeding.
  2. We formed a team of eight highly skilled civil engineers to dedicate themselves to completing this project.
  3. The team began analyzing the LAZ satellite images and based on the references, scaled them appropriately.
  4. Next, the team measured the distance while always keeping the tolerance level in mind. The data was checked after each milestone.
  5. Once we ensured all measured rail tracks were marked properly, we sent the client's final images and measurements.


All in all, this client was extremely happy with our work in the end. The client saved a significant amount of money by outsourcing this project to us while still getting the best possible outcome. Because accuracy and on-time delivery were both so important to the client, we assigned our absolute best and most experienced civil engineers to this project, which resulted in extremely high-quality work being done.

It was a mutually beneficial arrangement between the two of us as, upon completion of the project, our partnership developed further with a new, ongoing contract for regular work.

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Outsource2india has vast experience in offering custom civil services including LiDAR Mapping Services. As you can see with this project, our team is quite adept at handling complex, high-value jobs such as this. Their skill, precision, and accuracy are unparalleled, and they are ready to take on any challenge. Should you need a job like this one done at any time, please get in touch with us today.

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