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Outsource2india Helped a Port Contractor to Visualize the Port Dredging Process

Case Study on Port Construction Visualization Services to a Port Contractor

The Client

Our client is based in Morocco and is a leading provider of port construction services. They deliver marine and dredging solutions to countries across Africa as promised using the highest safety standards which are maintained throughout every project.

Client's Requirement

Our client was looking to provide port expansion through quality dredging services to one of their customers who wanted to dredge their existing port and increase the depth to allow bigger ships to enter the port. They were looking for someone who could help them with the visualization of the overall process - from start to finish.

The Challenges

Our visualization team had to face a few challenges while implementing the port visualization process. Some of the major challenges we faced were -

  1. The client needed to have port construction models and animated sequences to present their project to potential stakeholders, especially since this was a new port that hadn't existed before.
  2. They wanted to get the project completed within a short time frame and have it look as good as possible from start to finish.

The Solution

Keeping the client's requirements and goals in mind, Outsource2india devised a comprehensive plan for the client. The client provided us with data from their existing port in the form of PDF and AutoCAD files; we also collected some data from the past projects spanning over several years.

Using SketchUp and Revit software, our team modeled the existing port to reflect upon prior experiences on improving port efficiency. Then we created a sequence of these steps with 3DS Max, a 3D modeling software, which allowed us to demonstrate exactly what each step would look like in real-time before finally showing our working demo.

Our 3rd step was turning these models into a video, where we showed an entire dredging sequence using the Fuzor construction simulation software.

The Results

Our team delivered visualized models to the client as well as a video created by our team, and the client is looking forward to continue working with us in the coming months. The quality of the models impressed the client, and they were even more impressed by our ability to use several software packages which allowed us to provide them with lower costs than they had anticipated for this project.

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