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Outsource2india Provided MEP Design and Drafting Services to an Australian Electric Service Company

Case Study on MEP Design and Drafting for Electric Service Provider

Read this case study to learn how Outsource2india provided full-fledged MEP design and drafting services in a week that helped the client complete their designs and drafts successfully.

The Client

The client is a prominent electric service and solutions provider with presence across Australia, Europe, and Middle-east.

Client's Requirements & Challenges

The client was worried about their MEP drafts, which were not scanned properly, and lacked the proper schematics. They wanted us to work on customizing their MEP designs & drafts within a week.

Outsource2india's Approach and Solution

The client chose Outsource2india for its expertise in civil engineering drawings for the oil and gas industry. They provided data on specific devices and machines (in PDF format), including circuit diagrams with ledgers, distribution of electrical covers, etc. They specified that only our ICW team will prepare the MEP draft by taking reference from their PDF document.

The client sent 30 PDFs initially and later released another 1000 files and wanted utmost detailing in the schematic designs and sought to bring the best of our engineering skills.

  • Our team of MEP designers examined the files and validated before proceeding working on the MEP drafting. They also sorted the MEP drafting according to the design and versions.
  • After validating the received schematic files, the team found out that the draft needed more detailing. Thus, we assigned a team of two capable MEP drafters to work on the client's project. The team members had prior experience in drafting with AutoCAD 2018 software.
  • They did a complete quality check by looking for gaps in details, including template check, legends validation, etc. After a thorough audit, they sent the finished copies to the client. The project lasted for a week.

The Results

The client was extremely happy with the outcome of the project and lauded our professionalism and on-time delivery. They also promised for future partnership for all their CAD and MEP drafting service needs.

Outsource MEP Design and Drafting Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has been offering various electrical engineering solutions, including, Electrical Systems Design and Drafting Services, Electrical Design and Layout Services, and more. We have the wherewithal, infrastructure, expertise and two decades of service experience in providing tailored MEP solutions to meet a variety of business needs of our clients. If you decide to outsource BIM MEP Detailing services to us, then you can expect nothing but exceptional professionalism, value for money, and industry's best turnaround time.

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