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Outsource Finite Element Analysis Services

Outsource Finite Element Analysis Services

Experience superior design accuracy with our precise finite element analysis services, offering advanced simulations for stress and strain analysis.

Are you looking to optimize product design while maintaining structural integrity? If so, then Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is the solution you need. As a leading finite element analysis service provider, we specialize in facilitating seamless product development processes. Our offerings encompass a broad spectrum of FEA services, including but not limited to stress analysis, linear dynamics, and nonlinear contact analysis. Our highly skilled team, with an in-depth understanding of material behavior, boundary conditions, and load transfer mechanisms, provides a wide array of FEA consulting services as well. 

By reducing the necessity for physical prototypes and experimental testing, our FEA modeling services result in significant time and cost savings. They provide crucial insights to predict potential failure due to unknown stresses, guiding engineers in designing products. Let us guide you through the intricate process of product development and help you achieve your business goals. 

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided FEA Support to US Solar Energy Giant

Gulf Engineering Firm Triples Lift Capacity with Our FEA Services

Through FEA and FA, we tripled the lift capacity for a Gulf-based engineering firm, optimized weight, enhanced safety, and delivered on time, ensuring client satisfaction.

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O2I Provided FEA Services to a Leading Engineering Services Firm

O2I's FEA Support Accelerates Market-Readiness for US Solar Energy Leader

Our team executed FEA analysis for a South Dakota-based solar firm’s panel mounts. We assessed resilience against wind and temperature and ensured market readiness within 30 days.

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Clients Speak

Outsource2india has been a tremendous resource for our engineering department. They are very precise and attentive to all our needs and have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible.

General Partner,
Manufacturing company in US

Transform Your Designs with Our Finite Element Analysis Services

Leverage our advanced technology and in-depth expertise to optimize and validate your designs. We provide an array of specialized services to meet your specific requirements.

  • Structural Analysis

    Structural Analysis
    • Comprehensive evaluation of structures under various conditions.
    • Identification of weak points and potential areas for design modification.
    • Use of linear and non-linear analyses for accurate results.
    • Detailed reporting on performance, resilience, and durability.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (CFD)

    Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (CFD)
    • Predictive analysis of fluid flow, mass transfer, and chemical reactions.
    • Application of CFD FEA services for precise simulation.
    • Detailed insights for industries dealing with fluid interactions.
    • Complete reporting and recommendations based on simulation results.
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis

    Static and Dynamic Analysis
    • Expert analysis of design performance under stationary and dynamic loads.
    • Accurate determination of displacements, stress, and strains.
    • Utilization of static and dynamic analyses for insightful evaluations.
    • Guidance on design modifications based on load evaluation.
  • Thermal Analysis

    Thermal Analysis
    • Conducting thorough evaluations to assess thermal impact on designs.
    • Examination of thermal stress, heat transfer, and interactions.
    • Suggestions for design modifications based on heat impact.
    • Reporting on heat impact and suggested actions.
  • Fatigue Analysis

    Fatigue Analysis
    • Using fatigue analysis to estimate design lifespan under cyclic loads.
    • Predicting and strategizing to mitigate potential failures.
    • Enhancement of product reliability and longevity.
    • Providing comprehensive lifespan estimation reports.
  • Failure Analysis

    Failure Analysis
    • Conducting failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) to identify root causes.
    • Thorough examination of design failure or suboptimal performance.
    • Recommendation of corrective action and efficiency enhancement.
    • Detailed reports on the examination of failures.
  • Manufacturing Analysis

    Manufacturing Analysis
    • Assessing the manufacturing process's efficiency through feasibility studies.
    • Identifying and addressing potential production bottlenecks.
    • Offering solutions for enhancing operational efficiency.
    • Providing detailed manufacturability reports that offer valuable insights.
  • Dynamic and Vibrational Analysis

    Dynamic and Vibrational Analysis
    • Application of modal analysis and harmonic response analysis.
    • Study of design reaction to vibration loads.
    • Suggestions for vibration-based design modifications.
    • Delivering comprehensive reports detailing the vibration impact.
  • Durability Analysis

    Durability Analysis
    • Conducting thorough durability assessments to estimate product longevity.
    • Monitoring and evaluating performance trends over the product's lifecycle.
    • Developing and implementing strategies to maintain sustained efficiency.
    • Aiding in future design modifications and enhancements.
  • Stress Analysis

    Stress Analysis
    • Performing stress and strain distribution analysis in designs.
    • Identifying potential weak points that could compromise structural integrity.
    • Proposing strategies for enhancing structural strength and durability.
    • Providing a roadmap for design improvements and stress management strategies.

Why Opt for Our Expertise in Finite Element Analysis Services?

When you select our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services, you're engaging with a team recognized for its technical finesse, dynamic approach, and steadfast dedication to surpassing client satisfaction. Here are some reasons why we stand as your top choice for FEA analysis services -

  • Cost-Effective Pricing

    Our pricing model is intricately designed to mirror the complexity of your FEA project, providing unparalleled value. We ensure that you receive high-quality FEA solutions at the most competitive rates in the industry.

  • Robust Data Security

    As an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified organization, we adhere to international standards for data security. We employ stringent protocols to safeguard your sensitive project information and data at all stages of the FEA process.

  • Timely Delivery

    Our delivery centers are strategically located across different time zones. This enables us to work round the clock and ensures the prompt execution of your FEA projects, strictly adhering to your specified timeline.

  • Personalized Project Management

    Every client is assigned a dedicated project manager, ensuring a single point of contact for all your needs and queries. This enables us to provide you with personalized service and regular updates, ensuring your project stays on track.

  • Scalability of Services

    Our FEA engineering services are highly scalable. We can rapidly adjust the level of service to respond to your fluctuating demands, providing the flexibility to scale up or down as per your project requirements.

  • Advanced Tools and Infrastructure

    We use cutting-edge FEA software and tools, such as ANSYS, Autodesk Simulation Mechanical, Abaqus, and SolidWorks. These tools allow us to perform precise simulations, stress analysis, and more, delivering accurate and reliable results.

  • Effective Design Optimization

    Our FEA services facilitate the early incorporation of critical design elements. This approach reduces the need for multiple iterations, promoting effective design optimization and efficiency in the product development cycle.

  • Rapid Product Development

    We identify potential design issues early in the development process. This proactive approach enables quicker resolution of problems, accelerates the product development process, and ensures a faster time-to-market.

Industries We Specialize In

We extend our services to a diverse array of industries, offering specialized FEA solutions that are custom-designed to meet the specific needs and challenges inherent in each sector.

Aerospace Aerospace
Oil and GasOil and Gas
Medical Medical 
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering 
Civil Engineering Civil Engineering 
Energy Energy 
Manufacturing Manufacturing 
Marine Industry Marine Industry
Defense Defense 
Consumer Goods Consumer Goods
Sports EquipmentSports Equipment
Telecommunications  Telecommunications
Biomedical  Biomedical
Nuclear Engineering  Nuclear Engineering
Mining  Mining
Robotics Robotics

FEA Software and Tools We Use

Being one of the leading finite element analysis companies in India, we believe in providing our clients with the best quality services within quick turnaround time. This is made possible by making use of some of the latest and updated versions of the best FEA tools and technologies. We use the following software and tools -

Abaqus Femap  HyperWorks SimScale COMSOL Radioss

Additional Services We Offer

Simulation Engineering

With our advanced FEA simulation services, we model and predict your design's real-world behavior, enabling early-stage optimization, reducing prototype costs, and ensuring product efficiency.

Thermal Modeling

We use FEA for detailed heat flow studies, identifying and mitigating overheating issues, ensuring ideal operational temperatures, and enhancing product longevity.

Structural Design and Drafting

Using our structural FEA services, we perform comprehensive load analysis, confirming that your structures can withstand varying conditions and remain compliant with international standards.

Plant Design Engineering

With FEA, we create optimal plant layouts, improving workflow efficiency, increasing productivity, and ensuring adherence to health and safety regulations.

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Outsource Finite Element Analysis Services to O2I

Our deep-rooted expertise has positioned us as a preferred choice for outsourcing FEA services. We are at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge tools and methodologies, offering you a competitive advantage in your engineering designs.

Our team's proficiency spans across various domains of FEA such as structural analysis, thermal analysis, and fluid dynamics. Using advanced simulation software, we enable precise prediction of product performance, stress analysis, and design optimization - ensuring your products are robust, safe, and efficient. Our services are structured to provide the highest quality of analysis within your budget constraints, ensuring value for your investment.

Outsourcing your FEA requirements to us implies a partnership with a team that provides technical depth, speed, precision, and value. Get in touch with us and leverage our expertise to drive your product design and development to new heights.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you explain finite element analysis (FEA)?

Finite element analysis (FEA) is a simulation methodology. It's extensively utilized in engineering to simulate and predict how a product will respond to diverse physical environments.

What are the different categories within finite element analysis?

Finite element analysis includes structural, thermal, fluid dynamics, electromagnetic, and explicit dynamics, each catering to different aspects of engineering simulations.

What makes finite element analysis a good choice?

Implementing FEA allows for enhanced design accuracy, improved understanding of critical design aspects, and a reduction in the need for physical prototypes.

What does a finite element analysis service encompass?

A typical finite element analysis service includes pre-processing, solving, and post-processing of the data.

Can you give an idea about the expense related to finite element analysis?

The expenditure for finite element analysis can vary based on the project complexity, but it is generally a cost-effective approach for solving intricate engineering issues.

What are the practical applications of finite element analysis?

Finite element analysis is commonly utilized in designing new products, refining existing designs, and confirming if proposed designs can meet the required specifications prior to manufacturing or construction.