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Mechanical Design Services for Food Display Cases

Outsource Mechanical Design Services for Food Display Cases

Outsource2india is helping a large US based food display case manufacturer, design their products to cut development time, costs and provide flexibility through an offshore team.

The Client

The Client Requirement

Our client is a leading US based player in the global food display products space. They required mechanical engineering design services, a partner who would handle customization of products for different customers and markets, redesign products for manufacturing, and deliver drawings for both prototyping and manufacture. A steep increase in sales led to the customer needing flexible delivery arms delivering at a fast pace and high quality.

The Challenge

Engineers would be needed at short notice and output at relatively short lead times to enable the quickest delivery to their customers. Because of the speed needed to reach the market, the accuracy of design would need to be high, to minimize prototyping iterations and complexity during manufacturing.

The challenge lay in the fact that accuracy of work depended purely on our understanding of manufacturing processes and products. Given that we couldn't see their manufacturing equipment and the processes they followed, the real challenges were in those little design changes that had to be made to from a cost standpoint. Only with experience would we be able to optimize product design for manufacturability.

The Solution

Our Solution

Outsource2india studied guidelines for design and manufacturing. Tele-conferences and online help had us understand systems, processes, requirements from the products as well as functionality of the product.

To strengthen the delivery process, we implemented defect tracking and process quality checks. Training over the web through a secure, dedicated tunnel, constant monitoring of quality using quality tools, using programming to improve accuracy and repeatability has helped to a large extent.

The Results

The Result

So far, Outsource2india has carried out 10 projects in 10 months. What took us 2 - 3 iterations and numerous quality checks in the beginning now is accepted at the first stage of submission and passes prototype tests at nearly 100% accuracy. Of course, there are stray errors, but our continuous improvement program has started to pay off. Errors are caught in-house and quality levels have delivered value to the customer. The customer is able to meet tight deadlines, manage design better, and get products out to market with lesser intensity and quantity of effort. The customer is well on his way to realize ~ $60000 in savings through this effort.

A highly satisfied client has decided to extend his requirements to other value added areas like BOM implementation using the MRP software at the customer's location (through a secured inter-network connection) and PDM processes. Even beyond mechanical engineering design services, the customer has made known their requirements in the area of finance and accounting services.

Yes, we were approached for cost, but the customer has stayed back for quality. Outsource2india's rapid scale up capabilities on the manpower and delivery front, coupled with our technology focus especially on proprietary software for workflow and extraction provided numerous benefits for the client. Not only did they have a qualified player working on their extraction activities, which saved time, money and effort but they also gained a lot by flexibility and transparency in our operations.

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