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Case Study on 3D Modeling for US-based Client

Outsource2india Helps US-based Client with 3D Modeling Services

The Client

The Client Requirement

The client is a leading US-based cultural asset management and consulting firm providing expertise, advice, and museum planning services to corporations, foundations, governments, institutions, and individuals through business lines and intersecting service groups related to the expansion of art, museums and culture in a global economy.

Client's Requirement

The client was looking for a partner that could provide high-quality 3D models of buildings/monuments for 3D printing of the structures.

Client's Challenges

The client wanted to engage 2 dedicated resources for 6 months during which they wanted 12 models to be delivered every month. They wanted the price to be $8000 per month and also required very high attention to detail and precision, with the output being an enclosed surface.

O2I’s Solution

Our Solution

We provided the client with two 3D modeling experts that used AutoCAD, SketchUp, and 3DX MAX to generate high-quality models from drawings, sketches, pictures, pdf, etc. The client initially required the output to be in the Rhinoceros file format, but we suggested the .obj format since it can be easily used for 3D printing.

Our Process

For delivery of our 3D modeling services, we followed the following process -

  1. After receiving the input files, we looked for ambiguity and places where more information was required.
  2. Once we obtained all the information, we decided on the timeline for delivery and obtained approval from the client.
  3. We then started working on creating the 3D Model.
  4. After the 3D models were created, they were subjected to internal quality control.
  5. We then submitted the quality-checked files to the client for approval.
  6. After checking the compatibility of the output for 3D printing, they got in touch with us if there were any problems and we fixed it and sent the final files to the client.
The Result

The Result

We successfully provided high-quality 3D models at cost-effective rates and well within the agreed-upon deadline, much to the satisfaction of the client.

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