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Case Study on FEA Services for a Leading Engineering Services Company

FEA Services for a Leading Engineering Services Company in the Gulf

The Customer

The Client Requirement

Our customer was a leading engineering services company, headquartered in the Gulf region. They were in the business of providing various engineering services to customers in different sectors such as construction, infrastructure, etc.

The Requirement

Our customer owned and operated a mass lift at their project site. This mass lift had a load bearing capacity of 1 ton. They wanted to increase the load bearing capacity of this mass lift from 1 ton to 3 ton. The engineering firm wanted us to conduct two technical procedures -

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Fatigue Analysis (FA)

The Solution

Our Solution

We conducted the technical processes of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Fatigue Analysis (FA) using ProE as part of the mechanical engineering services that we provide, as per the requirements of our customer.

We identified technical experts in our resource pool with sound knowledge and experience in this specific area of activity, and put together a team to work on this project. The team identified the key steps and the resources required to achieve the task and decided to do a simulation of the entire process to achieve high accuracy and top quality work.

Increasing the weight bearing capacity of the mass lift also involved increasing its height, achieving a high safety factor and optimizing the weight of the lift. Our team of experienced mechanical engineers created a list of the items required for completing the task with material specifications, known as the Bill of Material (BOM). This also helped them draw the project cost estimates.

Our mechanical engineering team successfully increased the load bearing capacity of the mass lift from 1 ton to 3 ton and that too within a very short turnaround time, to the pleasant surprise of our customer. Besides the core task, some of the key achievements of this project were as follows -

  • We increased the height of the mass lift from 5 meters to 6 meters
  • Optimized weight of the mass lift
  • Achieved a safety factor of 2
  • Delivered video animation files (in .avi format) of the analysis simulation
  • Generated detailed analysis reports

Our past experience in providing similar services to other companies helped us in executing this project within a quick turnaround time and at competitive rates.

Benefits to the Customer

The Result

Our customer expressed complete satisfaction with the overall project deliverables. They were happy that we could -

  • Complete the project in a very short turnaround time.
  • Offer very competitive rates as compared to some other service providers.
  • Provide detailed analysis reports.

Our customer has promised to approach us for similar services in the future and has offered to provide reference to new potential customers.

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