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CAD Design & Drafting Services

Outsource Transforming Ideas into Reality with Precision CAD Design Services

Elevate your designs with our expert CAD design services. Outsource your CAD needs to us for cost-efficient & high-quality services.

Embark on a journey of precision and innovation with our comprehensive CAD design services, where we merge technical prowess, advanced methodologies, and personalized approach to help you achieve your project objective. Our end-to-end CAD design, drafting and modeling services encompass every aspect of design, from concept to completion, ensuring seamless execution for your design needs.

Our CAD services are more than just drafting and drawing. We provide precision engineering, detailed analysis, and comprehensive project management. We utilize advanced tools like CAD software for computer-aided drafting, parametric modeling for design modifications, and CAE tools for performance testing. Our CAD services also include part and assembly modeling, sheet metal design, and surface modeling, allowing us to handle projects of varying complexity.

The technical prowess of our team enables us to deliver designs that are not only accurate but also effective. By leveraging our AutoCAD design and drafting services, you can expect reduced design cycle time, improved productivity, and increased cost savings. Moreover, our CAD modeling services provide the added benefit of 3D visualization which allows for early detection of design flaws, enhanced collaboration, and swift client approvals.

Embrace the future of design with our CAD design and drafting company. Whether you're an engineer looking for intricate part designs, an architect in need of detailed floor plans, or a product designer seeking 3D models, we have the tools and expertise to deliver. Let's bring your design ideas to life with precision, efficiency, and innovation.

Expert CAD Design, Drafting, Drawing and Modeling Services

Architectural Prowess - Precise CAD Drawing for Optimal Design Solutions

  • AutoCAD Design Services - Streamlining Workflow

    AutoCAD Design Services - Streamlining Workflow

    Our AutoCAD design services for architectural projects incorporate the use of the latest features and tools to streamline workflow, effectively reducing design time and promoting efficient project execution. The use of layer management, dynamic blocks, and data linking in AutoCAD allows us to maintain organizational efficiency, making complex designs manageable.

  • CAD Design Services - Enhancing Productivity

    CAD Design Services - Enhancing Productivity

    Through our Computer Aided Design Services, we leverage advanced design features to automate routine tasks and speed up the design process, significantly enhancing productivity. With the use of parametric modeling and smart design intent, we ensure consistency and accuracy in our designs.

  • 3D CAD Design Services - Visualizing Concepts

    3D CAD Design Services - Visualizing Concepts

    Our 3D CAD design service uses powerful rendering tools and advanced software like SolidWorks and AutoCAD to create realistic, high-quality 3D models. This helps clients better visualize their concepts, make informed decisions, and avoid costly mistakes.

  • 2D CAD Design Services - Simplifying Complexity

    2D CAD Design Services - Simplifying Complexity

    We use 2D CAD services to transform complex architectural designs into clear, accurate, and easily interpretable blueprints. This simplification aids in better understanding and communication of design intent, thereby facilitating smoother project execution.

  • CAD Drafting Services - Minimizing Errors

    CAD Drafting Services - Minimizing Errors

    Our CAD drafting services use the capabilities of advanced CAD software to automate and streamline drafting tasks, minimizing potential errors in architectural designs. We leverage the precision drawing and drafting tools within CAD platforms to create exact blueprints, ensuring that our architectural drafts align perfectly with client specifications and building codes.

  • CAD Drawing Services - Detailed Project Illustrations

    CAD Drawing Services - Detailed Project Illustrations

    Our CAD drawing services incorporate advanced annotation, dimensioning, and detailing tools to provide comprehensive project illustrations. These detailed drawings enable clients to gain a thorough understanding of the project, aiding in effective planning.

  • 3D CAD Drawing Services - Immersive Design Experience

    3D CAD Drawing Services - Immersive Design Experience

    Our 3D CAD drawing services are designed to provide an immersive design experience for our clients. We use powerful 3D modeling and rendering tools, including software like Autodesk Revit and SketchUp, to create detailed and lifelike 3D models of architectural designs. These models provide a more comprehensive understanding of the design's spatial relationships, aesthetics, and functionality before construction begins.

  • 2D CAD Drawing Services - Clarity in Design

    2D CAD Drawing Services - Clarity in Design

    Our 2D CAD drawing services focus on providing clarity in design for complex architectural projects. By using the precision drawing tools of CAD software, we produce detailed and clear 2D blueprints. These drawings clearly communicate the design intent, dimensions, and specifications of a project, making them an invaluable resource for architects, engineers, and construction teams.

  • AutoCAD Drawing Services - High Precision Designs

    AutoCAD Drawing Services - High Precision Designs

    Our AutoCAD drawing services emphasize high precision and accuracy in architectural designs. By making the most of AutoCAD's advanced features, such as its robust suite of drafting tools and extensive library of components, we create precise designs that satisfy the exact requirements of our clients. Our experienced team ensures that each AutoCAD drawing is meticulously crafted to adhere to industry standards and client specifications.

  • CAD Modeling Services - From Blueprint to Reality

    CAD Modeling Services - From Blueprint to Reality

    Our CAD modeling services use advanced 3D modeling tools to transform blueprints into detailed and accurate 3D models. This transformation from blueprint to reality enables clients to visualize the final product, aiding in design validation and client approval processes.

  • 3D CAD Modeling Services- Interactive Design Analysis

    3D CAD Modeling Services- Interactive Design Analysis

    We provide an interactive design analysis with our 3D CAD modeling services, allowing clients to interact with and analyze their designs. This interactive analysis aids in identifying design flaws and improving overall design quality.

  • 3D CAD Rendering Services - Lifelike Design Replication

    3D CAD Rendering Services - Lifelike Design Replication

    Our 3D CAD rendering services offer a lifelike replication of architectural designs. We use advanced rendering tools to create realistic 3D models that provide clients with a virtual walkthrough experience, aiding in design validation, client presentations, and marketing efforts.

Mechanical Mastery - Advanced CAD Modeling for Complex Mechanisms

  • AutoCAD Design Services - Workflow Precision

    AutoCAD Design Services - Workflow Precision

    Our AutoCAD design services use industry-standard techniques like finite element analysis and parametric modeling to streamline mechanical workflows. This enhances design precision, reduces design cycle time, and ensures seamless integration with fabrication processes.

  • CAD Design Services - Productivity Boost

    CAD Design Services -  Productivity Boost

    We leverage CAD tools for kinematic analysis, interference checks, and tolerance stack-up analysis, enhancing productivity by minimizing rework and ensuring the functional robustness of mechanical components.

  • 3D CAD Design Services - Visualizing Concepts

    3D CAD Design Services - Visualizing Concepts

    Our 3D CAD designing services use high-end software to create detailed solid models, assembly models, and surface models. This enables advanced concept visualization, allowing for design optimization and virtual prototyping before physical fabrication.

  • 2D CAD Design Services - Simplified Interpretation

    2D CAD Design Services - Simplified Interpretation

    Our 2D CAD design services focus on generating comprehensive engineering drawings with detailed annotations, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), and Bill of Materials (BOM), simplifying complex mechanical designs for easy interpretation.

  • CAD Drafting Services - Reliable Drafts

    CAD Drafting Services - Reliable Drafts

    Our CAD drafting services ensure error-free mechanical drafts using techniques like dimension checks, design rule checks, and layer management. This minimizes errors, ensuring accurate and reliable drafts for downstream processes.

  • CAD Drawing Services - Efficient Manufacturing

    CAD Drawing Services - Efficient Manufacturing

    Our CAD drawing services produce detailed mechanical project illustrations using advanced features like exploded views, sectional views, and detailed views. This ensures comprehensive design communication and facilitates efficient manufacturing.

  • 3D CAD Drawing Services - Interactive Exploration

    3D CAD Drawing Services - Interactive Exploration

    Our 3D CAD drawing services provide an immersive design experience using techniques like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), allowing for 360-degree exploration of mechanical designs.

  • 2D CAD Drawing Services - Consistent Documents

    2D CAD Drawing Services - Consistent Documents

    Our 2D CAD drawing services leverage technical standards like ASME Y14.5 for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), delivering precise mechanical designs. Through layer management and dimension styles, we ensure clear, consistent design documents that facilitate accurate manufacturing and assembly.

  • AutoCAD Drawing Services - Advanced Designs

    AutoCAD Drawing Services - Advanced Designs

    Our AutoCAD drawing services focus on creating high precision mechanical designs using AutoCAD's advanced features like dynamic blocks, associative arrays, and 3D free-form design.

  • CAD Modeling Services - 3D Transformation

    CAD Modeling Services - 3D Transformation

    Our CAD modeling services use advanced features like parametric modeling, direct modeling, and topological optimization to transform mechanical blueprints into interactive 3D models.

  • 3D CAD Modeling Services- Robust Analysis

    3D CAD Modeling Services- Robust Analysis

    We offer 3D CAD modeling services for interactive design analysis, enabling real-time modifications, stress analysis, and thermal analysis, ensuring design robustness and reliability.

  • 3D CAD Rendering Services - Realistic Communication

    3D CAD Rendering Services - Realistic Communication

    Our 3D CAD rendering services use advanced techniques like ray tracing, radiosity, and texture mapping to produce lifelike renderings of mechanical designs, enhancing design realism and improving stakeholder communication.

Structural Stability - Expert CAD Design and Drafting Solutions for Durable Construction

  • AutoCAD Design Services - Precision Mastery

    AutoCAD Design Services - Precision Mastery

    We use our expertise in AutoCAD, a leading 2D and 3D design software, to create precise and detailed structural designs. Our streamlined workflow integrates advanced tools for architectural planning, drafting, and detailing, allowing for seamless transitions between design phases and reducing overall project timelines.

  • CAD Design Services - Streamlined Efficiency

    CAD Design Services - Streamlined Efficiency

    We leverage the power of Computer-Aided Design tools to automate repetitive design tasks and expedite the structural design process. Our proficiency in parametric design and intelligent object referencing enhances productivity by minimizing manual inputs and fostering real-time collaboration among team members.

  • 3D CAD Design Services - Design Optimization

    3D CAD Design Services - Design Optimization

    Our 3D CAD design services enable vivid visualization of structural concepts. We use sophisticated rendering techniques, real-time shading, and texture mapping to create highly realistic three-dimensional models. Our team's proficiency in handling complex geometries, finite element analysis (FEA), and kinematics allows us to generate dynamic models.

  • 2D CAD Design Services - Comprehensive Drawings

    2D CAD Design Services - Comprehensive Drawings

    We leverage 2D CAD software to transform intricate structural concepts into clear and simple drafts. Our use of layers, dimensions, and annotations in our designs simplifies complex information, enabling easy communication and understanding of the design details.

  • CAD Drafting Services - Error-Free Assurance

    CAD Drafting Services - Error-Free Assurance

    Our CAD drafting services employ rigorous accuracy checks and precision control tools to minimize errors in structural designs. We use software capabilities such as geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), associative dimensioning, and layer management to create error-free drafts.

  • CAD Drawing Services - Structural Clarity

    CAD Drawing Services - Structural Clarity

    Our CAD drawing services provide comprehensive and detailed structural illustrations. We use vector-based graphics for sharp, clear lines and geometric figures, and incorporate details such as sections, elevations, and plan views for complete project representation.

  • 3D CAD Drawing Services - Immersive Interactivity

    3D CAD Drawing Services - Immersive Interactivity

    We use powerful 3D CAD software to create detailed structural drawings that provide an immersive, interactive design experience. Our use of perspective views, shaded and wireframe display options, and real-time navigation tools allow for a virtual exploration of the design.

  • 2D CAD Drawing Services - Clear Interpretability

    2D CAD Drawing Services - Clear Interpretability

    Our 2D CAD drawing services focus on design clarity, ensuring easy interpretation of structural designs. We rigorously use drafting standards, including accurate scaling, dimensioning, and use of symbols, to present clear and understandable design representations.

  • AutoCAD Drawing Services - Advanced Features

    AutoCAD Drawing Services - Advanced Features

    Our AutoCAD drawing services ensure high-precision designs, using software features such as object snaps, polar tracking, and geometric constraints for maximum accuracy. We adhere to industry-specific drafting standards to ensure consistency and precision in our designs.

  • CAD Modeling Services - Realistic Transition

    CAD Modeling Services - Realistic Transition

    We use techniques such as solid modeling, surface modeling, and wire-frame geometries, we add depth, perspective, and volume to the designs. Our technical expertise in handling Boolean operations, feature-based and parametric modeling, and assembly construction ensures a realistic transition from blueprint to reality.

  • 3D CAD Modeling Services- Uncompromised Detailing

    3D CAD Modeling Services- Uncompromised Detailing

    Our 3D CAD modeling services provide an interactive platform for design analysis. We utilize features like parametric modeling, assembly modeling, and simulation tools for dynamic exploration and manipulation of the structural model.

  • 3D CAD Rendering Services - Enhanced Realism

    3D CAD Rendering Services - Enhanced Realism

    Our 3D CAD rendering services produce photorealistic replications of the structural design. Using advanced rendering techniques such as ray tracing, radiosity, and texture mapping, we create lifelike images and animations that provide a near-real experience of the final structure.

Key Technologies Powering Our Solutions

SOLIDWORKS AutoCAD Unigraphics NX Inventor CATIA CREO Siemens NX Pro Engineer (Pro-E) WildFire

How We Achieve Efficiency - Our Process Flow


01. CAD Modeling

Our skilled CAD professionals create comprehensive 3D representations utilizing state-of-the-art CAD software, tailored to the client's exact requirements. We continue to refine and adjust the model based on the client's input until we achieve the final approved version.


02. CAD Drafting

Upon approval of the 3D models, our experienced drafters generate meticulous 2D drafts, incorporating annotations, measurements, and other technical details. These drafts serve as precise reflections of the model and become the foundation for subsequent construction or production stages.


03. Quality Checking

We conduct rigorous quality checks on every model and draft to ensure their accuracy, detail completeness, and adherence to established drafting standards. We employ sophisticated checking tools and manual inspection methods to ensure the highest quality.


04. Submission

Once quality assurance is complete, we prepare the final CAD models and drafts for delivery. The final products are delivered in the client's preferred format through secure and dependable data delivery methods. We remain available for any future modifications or revisions that the client may require post-delivery.

Industries We Serve

  1. Aerospace

    AerospaceCAD services are critical in the aerospace industry for creating intricate aircraft and spacecraft, ensuring precision and reliability.

  2. Automotive

    AutomotiveIn the automotive sector, CAD services expedite the vehicle design process, allowing for comprehensive simulations before building actual prototypes.

  3. Energy, Process and Plant

    Energy, Process and PlantCAD services are used in this industry for detailed design and simulation of energy facilities, plant arrangement, and operational flow, boosting efficiency.

  4. Engineering and Manufacturing

    Engineering and ManufacturingCAD services are pivotal in engineering and manufacturing for detailed product design, production line setup, and 3D model creation.

  5. Glass

    GlassThe glass industry leverages CAD services for meticulous designs of various glass items, enhancing accuracy and minimizing waste.

  6. Electrical

    ElectricalCAD services in the electrical industry support the design and analysis of complex electrical systems and circuits, promoting safety and efficiency.

  7. Millwork

    MillworkCAD services provide precise and comprehensive designs for wood products in the millwork industry, cutting down production time and expenses.

  8. Hospitals

    HospitalsCAD services are employed in hospitals for efficient layout design, which aids in smoother patient flow and effective healthcare service.

  9. Commercial

    CommercialCAD services are used in the commercial sector to design buildings, landscapes, and interior spaces, improving both visual appeal and functionality.

  10. Retail

    RetailIn the retail industry, CAD services are used for store design and product placement, enhancing customer engagement and boosting sales.

  11. Industrial

    IndustrialThe industrial sector uses CAD services for machinery design, plant layout, and production process simulation, promoting safety and productivity.

Why Should You Choose Our CAD Design Services?

When you select us for your CAD design requirements, you're opting for a partner who offers distinct benefits designed to propel your projects to new heights -

  • Tailored Solutions

    Our services are not one-size-fits-all; we provide customized CAD design solutions that cater specifically to your project's goals, delivering results that truly fit your vision.

  • Advanced Technology

    Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge CAD software and hardware. We invest in the latest technologies to ensure your designs benefit from the most modern capabilities in the industry.

  • Quality With Certification

    Our ISO-certified processes guarantee a stringent quality check for each deliverable, ensuring top-tier results that meet international standards.

  • Efficient Turnarounds

    Our multiple global delivery centers enable us to work around the clock, offering you quick turnaround times without ever sacrificing quality.

  • Diverse Engineering Expertise

    Our team is our pride, comprising experienced engineers with specialized knowledge in various sectors, ready to tackle your most complex CAD challenges.

  • Scalable to Your Needs

    Business needs fluctuate, and our services can scale accordingly. Whether your project expands or contracts, we adjust our services to match your demand promptly.

Enhance Your Project Outcomes with Our Targeted CAD Solutions

Mechanical Drafting Services

At our Mechanical Drafting Services, we employ sophisticated CAD technology to craft meticulous and intricate technical blueprints of diverse mechanical apparatuses and components. Our scope of designs extends from individual machine elements to intricate vehicular configurations or complex spacecraft designs.

BIM Services

Our Building Information Modeling Services render comprehensive 3D model-dependent workflows that are pivotal in the streamlined planning, design, construction, and oversight of buildings and infrastructural projects. Our service suite encompasses intricate 3D modeling, clash resolution for eliminating structural discrepancies, and holistic project coordination.

2D Drafting Services

Our 2D Drafting Services specialize in delivering highly precise, comprehensive plans and technical drawings in a two-dimensional format, using advanced CAD technology. The resulting blueprints, ranging from floor layouts to intricate section views, serve as vital resources for architectural planning, product design documentation, and the creation of detailed user instruction manuals.

Architectural Drafting Services

Through our Architectural Drafting Services, we generate detailed, visual depictions of future structures using cutting-edge CAD tools. These illustrative drafts aid architects in their creative process, facilitate efficient communication of ideas, assist in persuading clients about the design's viability, and provide comprehensive guidance to construction teams during the building phase.

Customer Success Stories

Case Study on CAD Drawings for a Construction Company

UK-Based Construction Company Reduces Cost by 40% Using O2I's CAD Drawing Services

Our client, a UK-based construction consultancy with a history of over 60 years in project management, required detailed CAD drawings of old residential homes for a restoration project. With the use of AutoCAD, quality assurance checks, and efficient communication channels, we were able to reduce the client's in-house costs by 40% and complete the project with 100% accuracy. As a result, the client not only saved significantly on expenses but also enhanced their project efficiency.

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Case Study on 2D/3D Drafting of Tower Manufacturer

New Jersey-based Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer Streamlines Process with Our AutoCAD Expertise, Achieves Time and Cost Efficiency

Our client, a leading kitchen equipment manufacturer from New Jersey, sought to outsource the fabrication of its equipment range using AutoCAD for 3D modeling. We successfully delivered the project as per the SLA, making use of the client's 3D modeling vault and provided PDFs for reference. Our use of the Inventor tool, thorough resource planning, and stringent model review process led to models that met all compliances. As a result, the client met its fabrication needs efficiently, expressing satisfaction with our 3D modeling and rendering services.

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Outsource CAD Design and Drafting Services to O2I


Outsource2india has turned around drawings quickly for us with excellent drafting skill and attention to detail

Ante Architecture + Design has used Outsource2india on numerous occasions for our CAD drafting needs. We enjoy working directly with Ajit Sivarajan and have found Outsource2india to be very professional and thorough in their work. I would recommend using Outsource2india's services for any of your architectural CAD-drafting needs.

Design and Architecture company in US
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As an esteemed international outsourcing CAD design company, we pride ourselves on offering superior engineering solutions, including CAD design, drawing, modeling, and drafting services, to a global clientele.

With over two decades of experience, we possess the expertise to customize our CAD services to align seamlessly with your project requirements and your company's strategic goals. Our comprehensive understanding of the product lifecycle, from conceptual design through to production, maintenance, and eventual phase-out, equips us to handle the most intricate engineering challenges.

When you choose to outsource CAD drafting services to us, you're not just hiring a service provider; you're gaining a dedicated partner committed to delivering excellence. We are eager to work closely with you, ensuring that every CAD contributes to the success and growth of your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the expected completion time for CAD design and drafting projects?

We strive to deliver projects within the agreed timelines, which typically depends on the complexity and scope of the design.

What are the advantages of outsourcing CAD Design and Drafting Services to your company?

Outsourcing CAD tasks to us ensure high-quality designs, cost-effectiveness, and allows your team to focus on core activities.

What CAD software and tools do your team use?

Our team is proficient in various CAD software including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Revit, among others.

How do your CAD drafting services assist in product prototyping?

Our CAD services provide precise and detailed designs, which are crucial in the creation of accurate and efficient prototypes.

How can one commence with your CAD design services?

To get started, simply reach out to us via email or website, and we'll discuss your specific needs and how we can meet them.

What is the pricing model for your CAD services?

Our pricing is project-based, taking into account factors like complexity of the design, time required, and the level of expertise needed.

Can you provide support with CAD data migration and conversion?

Yes, we offer comprehensive assistance with CAD data migration and conversion, ensuring seamless integration with your systems.

Do you provide revisions or modifications to CAD designs if required?

Yes, we offer revisions and modifications as part of our commitment to customer satisfaction and project success.