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Engineering Services FTE Pricing FAQs

Outsource Engineering Services FTE Pricing FAQs

Outsource2india (O2I) offers convenient and easy-to-understand engineering services FTE pricing options that make doing business with us a breeze

This page has been created to provide important information on the full-time employee pricing FAQs for engineering services.

A Full Time Equivalent (FTE) model is one where the payment to the service provider depends on the amount of input provided. This input is usually in the form of "manpower". Our engineering services pricing is generally quoted as an average FTE rate per hour times the number of FTE resources required for a given period of time. An FTE pricing model is easy to understand, implement, and track and especially useful when there is a lot of volatility in the volume of work to be provided. With this model, there are also fewer legal and negotiation hassles involved and you get ready access to established infrastructure and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions - Engineering Services FTE Pricing

These are some of the frequently asked questions on our engineering FTE pricing options -

  1. I am a small business owner. What options do I have If I decide to work with you?

    • Yes, our business model is well suited for individual consultants and small businesses as well as large enterprises. We have flexible options of business engagement to suit your business need. The pricing structure of engineering services outsourcing usually depends on the complexity of the project involved, skill and expertise of the recruited engineers, volume of work, contract terms, and other factors. Apart from our FTE models, you can also hire resources on a per project basis and per hour basis. All our projects are overseen by a project manager who handles various facets like scheduling of work, performing quality checks, and providing clear communication on project progress to clients.
    • We offer various types of coverage that allow you to choose the number of hours and days that the FTE resource will work for you. Types of coverage you can choose include -
      • 18/5 Coverage - 18 hours a day, for 5 days in a week
      • 18/6 Coverage - 18 hours a day, for 6 days in a week (on client demand)
      • 9/5 Coverage - 9 hours a day, for 5 days in a week
      • 9/6 Coverage - 9 hours a day, for 6 days in a week (on client demand)
  2. I possibly foresee 40 - 60 man hours of work assistance required every month. It's not a viable solution for me to hire someone in my office. Do you think you can help me in this regard?

    Our FAQs on engineering services pricing has been designed for people like you. We know for sure that there will be an inconsistent workflow in most business cases and that the manpower need may fluctuate accordingly. That's the reason why our flexible full-time equivalent options will fit into your requirement and based on the type of project type/skill set required for that project, our sales consultant will arrive at a better solution for you.

  3. Some of my clients and business info are confidential. I have never seen your team. How can you guarantee that my project files and data are secured?

    All our delivery centers are ISO 9001-certified and we conduct all our service deliveries accordingly. All employees that we hire are run through a rigorous background check. We also have modern infrastructure facilities and data security protocols in place that ensure that we take the utmost care of your sensitive data. We also have a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan that covers people, IT, physical sites, data recovery and back-up issues, and risk management.

  4. Which countries do you offer services for?

    We offer services to countries from across the world. However, some of the major countries we do business with include -

    • AustraliaAustralia
    • CanadaCanada
    • GermanyGermany
    • Middle-EastMiddle-East
    • SingaporeSingapore
    • SwitzerlandSwitzerland
    • UKUK
    • USAUSA
  5. Which engineering verticals do you provide services for?

    We provide high-quality services for all engineering verticals, including -

  6. If I choose to hire someone from you for my project, how does the communication happen?

    We provide VOIP call facility, secure file transfer tools, Microsoft team chat options, conference calls, etc.

  7. I am a small business owner. I don't have a technical manager. Do I need to hire someone to manage your resource work?

    Not at all. If we have a single point of contact who can answer our project related queries, that's good enough. We have a structured hierarchy to manage your projects that starts from the business head, project manager, team leader, and then the resource who will be working on your project. Each one of them plays a crucial role directly or indirectly to complete your project successfully. The project tasks will be performed by dedicated resources whose output will be monitored by a team leader and project manager. In case there is any issue in performing the tasks, the issue will be first escalated to the team leader, then to the project manager, and finally to the business head. We will ensure that all issues are properly taken care of. We also conduct periodic performance review of all the recruits to ensure that they are performing at optimum levels.

  8. I lose a lot of time and money in hiring people to back fill existing positions. To some extent, I have also lost my projects. Do you think outsourcing my project will fix this issue?

    This is the major challenge every organization faces even today. The way we fix this issue is that, for every group of employees, we have back up options with other suitable employees. This enables us to quickly fill up the position without losing much time (Note that this is for your understanding. Here we are talking about back up resources we provide for FTE engagement models. If the account has more than 20-30 FTE, then there will be dedicated non-billable FTEs that will be provided. If account size is less, then there will be a shared back up resource among various accounts).

  9. My employee and operating costs are increasing every year due to the various employment benefits that I have to offer them. So, will your fee increase often?

    We strictly honor our SLA terms with pricing guarantee. Unless there is a change in the scope of work or change in the agreed SLA, the decision will be taken on mutual consent.

  10. One of my supplier's business had a major impact due to recent geopolitical issues and change in trade policies between countries. Working with a global company like yours, is this a threat or an advantage?

    • Undoubtedly having our global presence with multiple delivery centers enables our clients to mitigate the risk that arises out of any natural calamity or trade war between two countries. We can quickly switch our work force between two delivery centers or any other suitable option so that our clients' projects do not suffer.
    • Even with the recent pandemic situation caused by coronavirus, we enabled our staff to work from home and restored our clients' projects in a quick span of time.
    • Due to recession or various business conditions, various business entities lay off or furlough their employees. Though it's a tough decision to make, we can certainly understand the motive of the business owner and in line with this we offer multiple flexible offers to help our clients stay afloat.
  11. My business forecast looks very healthy and if I am successful in working with your company, how soon can you ramp up the team

    We have large pool of professionals and can quickly start the project with proof of concept to understand the workflow and challenges, and come up with roadmaps, etc. Once we identify the suitable skill set and experience required for the project, we can quickly ramp up and specific timelines can be worked out based on the team size required.

  12. How do I keep track of the man hours spent on my project and other reports?

    Our team leader will share the weekly time sheet, project status report, quality issues, root cause analysis reports, etc. on a periodic basis. Our project manager will have discussions with you about the performance of individuals, action plans to meet the project's objectives, etc.

  13. Why should I hire Outsource2india rather than freelancers or consultants who are in low cost regions?

    We are more reliable and one of the reputed companies in the professional service industry. We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2022-certified and also have error and omission insurance. We make use of escalation matrixes to deal with issues. We also accept secured payment methods so you can be confident when conducting financial transactions with us. We match skills requested by clients with in-house resources and hire new recruits if the need arises. All our resources will function as an extension of your team.

  14. How do I know the proficiency of your engineer in CAD tools and do you allow your engineer to use my proprietary software?

    All our engineers are trained on various CAD platforms and latest versions once the candidate is onboarded and our engineers are also encouraged to take up CAD certification based on the need. Our engineering talent pool comes with a wide range of industry experience and the table below will give you a better idea.

    Once engineers are allocated to your project, they will undergo refresher training sessions very specific to your project workflow in order to be familiar with the CAD tools setup and customization if any.

    Usage of any CAD customization software will be implemented after consulting our IT, Legal and project management team.

    CAD/CAE/CAM Tool Expertise
    Role of Offshore Engineer
    Full Time Employee Industry Experience or Background
    CAD/CAE/CAM Tool Expertise

    AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CREO, Inventor, CATIA, NX, Solid edge, Geomagic, ePDM, Vault, Team Centre, Windchill, CAM Works, Ansys, Star CCM, COMSOL, Moldflow, Revit, Navisworks, Sketchup, 3dsmax, Maya, Cabinet Vision, Tekla, Civil 3D, MicroStation, Rhinoceros 3D, Dynamo, STADD Pro, SAP2000, ADVANCE STEEL, SAFE, ARC GIS, Floor Planner, Plan Swift, Onscreen, Smart Draw, ePLAN, eTAP, AutoDesk Products, MicroStation, PTC Pro/Engineer, Siemens PLM UGS, Siemens Solid Edge 2D, Bentley Microstation V8, Bentley AutoPlant, Dassault Systemes CATIA V4 & V5, Siemens Unigraphics / NX, McLeen Rhino, Alibre Design

    Role of Offshore Engineer

    Draftsman, CAD Engineer, Senior Engineer, Product Design Engineer, BIM Coordinator, CAE Engineer, BIM Engineer, MEP Engineer, HVAC Engineer, Audio Visual Design Engineer, Estimation Engineer, QC Engineer, Structural Engineer, GIS Engineer, Civil Land Development Engineer, Architectural Millwork Engineer, Team Leader, Project Coordinator, Project Manager

    Full Time Employee Industry Experience or Background

    General Engineering, Construction, MEP & HVAC, Retail, Heavy Engineering, Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Mining, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Infrastructure, Architectural, Contractor & Fabricator, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Structural Engineering

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