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Outsource2india Leveraged Point Cloud Data to Create Architectural and Structural 3D Revit Models for a Renowned Design Agency

Case Study on 3D Revit Modeling for Design Agency

The Client

The client is a Greece-based design agency that operates from Athens and New York. They provide sustainable designing solutions including, interior design, policy design, graphic design, etc., to various organizations across the US and Europe. They also offer renovation and retrofitting of the longstanding old structures.

Client's Requirements & Challenges

The client's requirement was precise, and they contacted Outsource2india to create architectural & 3D Revit models for a six-storey residential building standing in the hinterland of the Athens.

Project Challenge

As the client insisted on consistency throughout the creation of 3D Revit models of the six-storey building, we had to be extra careful with our validation process. The project complexity increased when we were sent around 40 GB data.

Also, the client expected our team to go through the large volume of structural data in a very short period of time, two weeks to be exact. Further fanning the flames was the language barrier. Our client was Greek, and we struggled a bit in gathering their exact requirements.

Outsource2india's Solution

As the client had already provided complete data of the building they wanted to create the Revit model of, we appointed two engineers and one quality control expert to work on the project.

  • The point cloud data was shared via FTP
  • Our engineers had prior experience in various structures and had worked extensively on the Revit tool, so they knew how to interpret any unseen structures or architectures
  • The team started their work by converting the 2D architectural and structural drawings based on the building information modeling (BIM) workflow
  • They then shared the test architecture draft to the client. Upon their approval with the design and geometry, the team proceeded with creating the 3D drawings using the latest Revit 2019 tool
  • Within two weeks, the team delivered the final 3D modeling

The Results

With our on-time, accurate, and consistent 3D Revit models, the client saved more than 20% of their overall cost. They were also able to reduce the workload and project time by 50%.

Outsource Architecture and Structural 3D Revit Modeling Services O2I

Outsource2india supports the construction, design, and architecture industry through a variety of, Revit Modeling, BIM, and architectural drafting and detailing services. Our team has extensive experience in working with Revit 2019 and Autodesk Revit tool. They have served the 3D modeling, retrofitting, structure designing, etc. requirements of various global firms.

If you want to create architectural and structural 3D Revit models for your buildings/structures, then, get in touch with us. Our team will contact you for a quote and requirement gatherings.

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