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Case Study on Floor Plan Modification Based on Red Line Markups

Red Line Markups for Floor Plan Modification Case Study

Outsource2india modified a floor plan design using CAD in just 4 days based upon red line markups provided by the client.

The Client

Located in Pennsylvania, our client is an individual contractor who needed key characteristics added to the floor plans of a shopping mall that would show where doors, walls, and floor drains were being added.

The client had some exceptional requirements, including -

  • The CAD designers were required to draft floor plans that showed each door and wall clearly so that the contractor could identify them by just looking at the key
  • The elevation needed to correspond with the plan of the entire building including windows, not just one portion or section of the building
  • The client had previously worked with O2I but requested to see samples to gauge work quality on this particular type of deliverable

The Challenges

There were several issues and challenges that presented themselves during the course of project. These included -

  • There were several errors and inaccuracies in the original floor plan. These included bold solid lines that indicated floor drains but that did not match the key provided. Some walls were indicated as new, however, were marked incorrectly on the plan as old
  • Throughout the project, and within the timeline requested by the client, these errors had to be identified and fixed by our team while ensuring the deliverables didn't get affected

The Solution

To overcome challenges faced during the project, the team took several actions, including -

  • The O2I team spent additional time discussing the project with the client while ensuring they had the correct perspective and a full understanding of the project and all the changes that were required in the floor plans
  • Two members of the team were assigned full time to work on this project and see it through to its completion
  • The drafters assigned to the project used existing marked up designs and created an entirely new design using CAD to show all the relevant changes
  • After creating new drawings, the drafters created a key to the drawings that was accurate and adhered to the requirements listed by the client
  • A 3D rendering of the building was provided as well with the final deliverable

The Results

By carefully working with the client, assigning dedicated resources and working from the very start to analyze and evaluate the best course of action for the client, the following results were realized -

  • Accuracy of 99% was achieved by the O2I team, thereby exceeding the client's benchmark as indicated
  • The entire project was completed and delivered in its final form in just four days
  • The client was very satisfied with the results of the project and subsequently assigned 5 more projects to the team. All five of these projects were completed and returned in less than 30 days

To this day, Outsource2india maintains a long-term business relationship with this particular client, all as a result of the dedicated approach we take to our clients' projects.

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