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Technical Engineering Transcription Services for Leading Engineering Company in the U.S

Engineering Transcription Services

The Customer

Our customer is a well known engineering company in the U.S. This was the first time they were using our services.

The Requirement

Our customer had some technical books on the subjects of structural and civil engineering. They wanted the content of these books to be modified and presented in a more user-friendly manner. The technical books were sent by the customer in the form of PDF files. In order to get values of calculations related to engineering, engineers would have to read the entire book! That would be time consuming.

Hence, the customer was looking for a mechanism, where all the contents of the books could be integrated into a calculator, which would provide technical engineering calculations based on the inputs keyed in by an engineer. There were 3 technical books for which the customer wanted engineering transcription services. Each technical book contained nearly 2000 pages.

Our customer admitted that it did not find the right service provider with the right capabilities to provide engineering transcription services and thus chose to partner with us.

The Solution

We provided technical engineering transcription services as part of our CSA (Civil, Structural and Architectural) engineering services. Initially, we offered a free trial to our customer, which was sufficient for them to judge our capabilities. This was the deal-clincher. This task required technically qualified and experienced engineering professionals with strong fundamental knowledge.

We identified three highly qualified technology professionals, who were graduates from India's premier technical institutes, to work on this project. Our team visited the customer's office in the U.S. to precisely understand the scope of work. This instilled confidence in our customer about our commitment to the project. We struggled a bit in the initial stages to design the project framework and streamline the entire process, but once stabilized, we delivered top-of-the-line services.

We used a software called Mathcad and converted those technical books (sent by customer as PDF files) into technical calculators, which could enable engineering calculations. We succeeded in integrating engineering calculators in to the technical books, which could facilitate high-end engineering calculations with ease (similar to using an EMI calculator for calculating the equated monthly installment for loan payback). The book could provide calculated values instantly on feeding the necessary inputs.

Our team completed work on all the three books within a period of 6 to 8 months, which was a very good turnaround time as indicated by our customer. The entire work delivered by us was checked by our customer's quality control team and there was not a single complaint.

Customer Benefits

The customer expressed complete satisfaction with our services. The key benefits of our customer were:

  • High-quality technical work
  • Competitive rates
  • Professional project management skills
  • Fast turnaround time

Our customer has found a trustworthy and dependable partner in Outsource2india for their engineering transcription work. This is evident from the fact that they have promised to offer us more work in this area.

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