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2D Evacuation Plans for Australian Client

2D Evacuation Plans for an Australian Client

Outsource2india's efficient and accurate 2D evacuation plans helped an Australian client save up to 50% on its in-house costs

The Client

Our client specializes in safety for school communities in Australia, with services including site inspections and WHS training, site specific emergency protocols, audit and WHS compliance preparation and support, and evacuation plans. They needed a partner who could help them to -

  • Prepare 2D drawings for evacuation plans of a building/property with markups in PDF format.
  • Provide these drawings in a cost-effective and accurate manner.
  • Meet their timeline which required completion of this project in a relatively short period of time.

Project Challenges

Because of the nature of the plans being developed, it was important that the company chosen by the client understood and was able to work within the standards set by the country - in this case Australia. That meant -

  • Additional training for the team to ensure everyone fully understood the specifics of the requirements within Australia.
  • Reduced turnaround time due to the longer upfront preparation time required for the project.

The Solution

In order to ensure the team was able to complete the project on time and to the specifications provided by the client, the following was undertaken by the Outsource2india team -

  • A trial was performed at the outset of the project to ensure the team's performance matched the needs of the client.
  • Feedback was solicited from the client to ensure the team fully understood the specific requirements of the project for the country in which the plans were being used.
  • Five resources were assigned to work exclusively on this project to ensure it was completed smoothly and on time.
  • The client provided hand-drawn sketches using the FTP details provided by the O2I team.
  • The O2I team used Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD to convert these sketches to 2D CAD drawings.
  • Markup was added to the completed files based on client suggestions and then converted to PDFs for client review.
  • In-depth quality assurance checks were performed at the completion of each plan to ensure it was accurate to the client's expectations and met the benchmarks established.

The Results

As a result of the extra attention provided to the project by the Outsource2india team, the entire project was completed in full within 10 days at an accuracy level of 100%, exceeding the benchmarks set by the client. Combined with a total cost reduction for the client of 50% over similar solutions and the strong completion of the project, the client was highly satisfied and assigned additional work that resulted in 10 additional resources being assigned to the client's work.

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