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Conversion of Hand Drawn Floor Plans to 2D CAD Files Using Floorplanner

Conversion of Floor Plans to 2D CAD Files Using Floor Planner

Outsource2india exceeds client's expectations by completing 2D floor plan conversion project with an accuracy level of more than 98%

The Client

The client approached Outsource2india with a requirement that included conversion of hand-drawn sketches of floor plans to 2D computer designs using floorplanner.com. Outsource2india's prior experience in 2D floor plan conversions and their ability to meet the client's requirements encouraged the client to outsource their work to O2I.

Project Challenges

The primary challenge in approaching this project was the timeframe and scope of the project. This meant -

  • Completion of the entire project within a timeframe of just 24 hours, requiring quick and accurate preparation of each file
  • Working with several different files that needed to be converted into the 2D floor plans for the client
  • Training of O2I resources to use floorplanner.com as it is not standard industry tool that they were already familiar with

The Solution

To ensure the fastest and most accurate completion of the project for the client, the team completed the following tasks -

  • A trial project was done by the team in order to enable the client to gauge the team's performance. Upon approval of the trial, the team moved forward with the full project
  • Six resources were assigned to work on the project to ensure the time frame requested could be accommodated
  • Each resource was fully trained to use floorplanner.com using login credentials provided by the client
  • The full team worked online to convert the hand-drawn sketches to 2D floor plans on floorplanner.com
  • Each finished floor plan was saved on floorplanner.com where the client would be able to review the files and make edit requests when needed

Project Results

Because of a quick and concerted effort by the Outsource2india team, the project was completed in just under 24 hours, exceeding the client's expectations. The project was completed at an accuracy level of 98%, also well above the quality benchmark set at the outset of the project.

As a result of the finished project, the client was highly satisfied with the O2I team's efforts and has indicated they will be outsourcing more work to the team in the future.

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