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Outsource2india Helped a UK-based Client with Retail Visual Merchandising Services

Case Study on Retail Visual Merchandising for a UK-based Client

The Client

The client is a top UK-based retail visual merchandiser. Combining specialist industry manufacturing knowledge with high-level technical product design and highly-proficient program management, the client has consistently managed to achieve higher cost savings than traditional supply chains. Even though the client works with already existing supply chains and products, it has still managed to deliver double-digit cost savings. This is due to the client's openness and integrity as well as its uncompromising nature, which has changed the way its customers think about their own commercial supply strategy.

With innovative approaches to design and program management as well as procurement and deployment, the client places the full realization of its customers' retail environments wholly into their hands. The client has also managed to achieve tangible savings in its existing supply chain relationships by leveraging cloud data management tools as well as innovative collaboration approaches.

Client's Requirements

The client comes up with design concepts after taking initial inputs from its customers. Once these design concepts are approved, they wanted to assign the project to a reliable third-party vendor since hiring and training people in-house was turning out to be very expensive. The client wanted to work with a vendor who would perform design modeling and drafting of woodwork/millwork for display fixtures.

The client wanted to provide the image sketches and concept model and expected us to provide conceptual design, drafting, modeling, part-level drawing, and assembly-level drawings in PDF, CAD and DXA file formats for CNC production.

Client's Challenges

The client wanted us to complete the project within 1300 hours over 2 months and only wanted to spend USD 20,000. This project was challenging for us because we needed to fully understand the construction methods for display fixtures, including wood fixtures and glass, metallic, and acrylic fixtures. We also needed to fully understand the various related methodologies as well as the different materials and their utilization.

O2I's Solution

We assigned 10 experienced resources to work on the project. We used Autodesk Inventor 2019 to perform the design and drafting and gathered the relevant details regarding the millwork/woodwork construction methods and the various related methodologies.

Our Process

To provide our services, we followed the following process -

  1. We undertook a trial at a discounted rate.
  2. After the successful completion of the trial, we received the concept images, model, and sketches of the display area and the display fixtures.
  3. We performed detailed engineering of the various components.
  4. The design intent was successfully met.
  5. A component-level design was created, and we also suggested a complete assembly makeover.
  6. When final approval was obtained, we created the relevant DXA files for CNC production as well as the cut list and bill up materials.

The Result

The project was a highly-successful. We successfully delivered very-high-quality services to the client on time and within budget, much to the client's delight.

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