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Outsource An Introduction to Architectural Animation

The use of animation in architecture presentation is gaining popularity more than ever. More and more builders, architects, and interior designers are using 3D animation to give an architectural introduction to their projects as it enables clients to visualize the design, interiors and special qualities of the project in a better way.

What is Architectural Animation?

Architectural animation, also known as architectural walk-throughs, is a form of a short movie. 3D model animation is produced on computer-aided design software like 3D interior, 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, and Giza 2006 etc., that provides visualization of a prospective building in a 3D environment. Unlike architectural rendering, which provides only a single image of the architecture model in 3 dimensional views, architecture animation uses hundreds or even thousands of still images to produce a movie effect similar to a real movie camera. Most architecture animations include computer generated building 3D models of interiors, landscaping and occasionally moving vehicles and people.

Who Can Make Use of 3D Architectural Animation?

Architects use animations to present their designs and architectural drawings of Residential Homes, Villas, Apartments, Commercial Buildings, Office Spaces, Theaters, Digital Studios, Hospitals and Educational Buildings. Interior designers can use animation modeling to demonstrate potential room designs, which include furnishings, color combinations, placement of lights, etc. Similarly, landscapers can also make use of 3D architectural services when working on outdoor landscapes like amusement parks, kiosks, and sports arenas. Using animation introduction can also help clients visualize the real altitudes and slopes of the existing tracts of land.

Why Use Architectural Animation?

Architects, builders, landscapers and interior designers prefer using animation as they are very helpful in giving an appropriate idea to the customer on how their project will look after completion. Unlike 2D architectural drawing, architecture animation helps clients view a particular section of their physical structure more clearly from different angles through the visual presentations of whole building including landscape projects, exteriors and interiors. Choosing to invest in an architectural animation will certainly make a good impression on the investors and customers who otherwise will not be able to visualize their building designs or architecture models.

What is the Future of Architectural Animation?

Small CAD firms may not offer architecture animation because it requires highly skilled workforce and the firm is required to invest in expensive and sophisticated software to create the required number of single still images and incorporate them into a moving sequence. However, an increasing number of architecture firms prefer using animation in their marketing programs, which has led to the demand for quality 3D architectural animation services.

Gain Customized Architectural Animation Services from Outsource2india

O2I, a premium outsourcing company with more than 25 years of experience, offers customized and cost-effective 3D architectural walkthroughs / 3D animation services. With the use of the latest software, our expert animators can work with you to provide stunning architecture animations that express your vision down to the smallest detail, and also provide you an introduction to architectural drawing.

Feel free to check out our architecture presentations using 3D and reach us for high quality architectural animation requirements.

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