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Outsource Digital Elevation Modeling

Outsource2india is one of the leading names when it comes to providing innovative services like Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industry. Our highly accurate elevation data leverages the most accurate terrain topography and is collected at regularly spaced intervals to reflect the ridge lines, slope breaks, incised streams, and other such abrupt relief changes.

O2I provides DEM services compatible with modern technologies, optical machineries, and satellite navigation systems that find acceptance across multiple industry verticals like Agriculture, Petroleum, Civil Engineering, Forestry, etc.

Our Scope of Work

Team at O2I has successfully completed several projects that involve DEM and Digital Terrain Modeling. One such project required us to generate Digital Surface Model (2m & 5m) and collect DEM for DSM & DTM Generation (Area-12,460 Sqft)

DEM sample

Digital Elevation Modeling Services We Offer

Informative data regarding the topographical features like hills, dams, lakes and green belt can be filed with raised-elevation for use in relief mapping. We create multi-colored and shaded maps to make them highly informative at a glance. We can create models of water flow and mass movement (like floodplains, earthquakes and landslides). We can merge DEM maps of geographically separated terrains.

Our design team complies with the Digital Elevation Model and GIS standards set by the client and the industry to provide complete designing layout to support the GIS projects of our clients. We offer comprehensive designing solutions to clients to calculate terrain slope, aspects, elevation, terrain contours, and volume.

Digital Elevation Model Expertise

Our team has vast expertise in offering Digital Elevation Modeling Services, and can assist you with the following -

  • Rendering 3-D visualization
  • DEM maps in 2D or 3D CAD
  • Building perfect layouts and Relief Maps (including raised Relief Maps)
  • DEM generation of 1000 km2 in 24 hours
  • DEMs for digital orthophotography
  • Rectification of satellite images and aerial photographs
  • Planning new ventures, logistics, seismic, site, pipeline route or facility
  • Drainage and Sight Analysis
  • Relief map creation
  • Terrain parameters extraction
  • Exhibiting water flow patterns (surface and ground)

Some of Our Most Popular DEM Applications

  • 3D visualization Rendering
  • Creating Relief maps and Physical Models
  • Extracting terrain parameters
  • Gravity measurements terrain correction or reduction
  • Modeling mass movement of water (ex. water flow during landslides)
  • Orthorectification
  • Terrain analysis in physical geography
  • Terrain analysis in geomorphology
  • Volume Calculations

Outsource Digital Elevation Modeling to Outsource2india

O2I is perfect in determining parameters that can define the quality of a GIS map, and we use contemporary tools to remove errors and ensure superior quality in your DEMs. We reduce terrain roughness and enhance density by collecting data in elevation mode exclusively. Quality Digital Elevation Model data ensures that the accuracy of the elevation is intact and not dissolved with projected vectors. We can generate fast DEM maps and can meet highly stringent timelines.

Outsource digital elevation modeling to India and avail our best-in-segment services. We offer flexibility and proficiency that blends human effort with the most advanced technologies to deliver faster and accurate results at pocket-friendly rates.

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Digital Elevation Modeling FAQs

  • What is a Digital Elevation Model?

    A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a representation of the bare topographic surface of the Earth excluding buildings, trees, and any other surface objects.

  • What is digital elevation data used for?

    Digital elevation data is useful for determining terrain attributes like elevation at any point, aspect, and slope.