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Outsource2india Provided Point Cloud to 3D Modeling Services to a Scanning Partner

Case Study on Point Cloud to 3D Modeling Services to a Scanning Partner

The Client

The client is one of the leading real estate scanning providers based in Philadelphia. They cater to all the real estate scanning requirements of clients including architects and real estate owners. They are a well-known scanning partner for residential, commercial, and historic properties.

Client's Requirement

The client was looking for a reliable and skilled point cloud data to 3D modeling service provider who could help them convert raw point cloud data into models in AutoCAD and Revit.

The Challenges

Our team had to face a few challenges while implementing the project for the client. Some of the major challenges we faced were -

  1. The client wanted us to hire a team of 3D modeling experts quickly and start the project immediately.
  2. The client would provide us with the property scans using Matterport and our team had to convert them to 3D models using Revit and AutoCAD and provide the client with the Revit file, the floor plan, and the ceiling plan.
  3. The client had a very short turnaround time of 24 hours per file. So our team had to deliver the 3D models within a day to the client for about 15 files per week.

The Solution

Keeping the client's requirements and challenges in mind, our team developed a streamlined plan for the client. We hired and trained a team of point cloud to CAD conversion specialists. The client would provide us with the scans of the property using the Matterport camera and our team would convert them into 3D models, floor plans, and ceiling plans for the client using Revit and AutoCAD.

Our team was able to deliver the required models using AutoCAD and Revit within the required 24 hours turnaround time specified by the client.

The Results

The client was delighted to see the quality of the floor plans and ceiling plans provided by our team. They have agreed to continue the project with us in the future. They were impressed not only by the quality delivered within 24 hours but also the cost-effectiveness of the entire project.

Outsource Point Cloud to 3D Model Conversion Services to Outsource2india

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