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Ship Deck Design and Drafting Services

Outsource Ship Deck Design and Drafting Services

Whether starting from scratch or performing a complete overhaul, our experts can take your ship's deck design to the next level at rates starting at $12/hour

Creating or overhauling a ship deck is no small task. We know the money, time, and effort you invest in planning the decks and its importance to the overall functioning of your ship. Ship deck design is a project that must be handled with care and must be completed by qualified experts. Outsource2india (O2I) is a ship deck design and drafting service provider with a team of experienced engineers, has delivered several ship deck design and drafting projects over the years.

While O2I can create ship deck designs accommodating all the facilities aligned to engineering feasibility, our team is adequately skilled in drafting and improvising the legacy drawings as well. Our engineering team can also help in creating actionable technical designs that include new electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and other components.

O2I's Ship Deck Drafting Services

O2I is a reputed ship deck design and drafting services providing company and our experts will carefully consider essential functions and features of your ship deck including, but not limited to: hatches, passages, electrical systems, plumbing systems, signal and radar masts, cargo holds, ramps, anchors, all other equipment, the intended use of the space, and flow of on-board personnel.

  1. Planning and Overhauling Deck Design

    Whether you want to update the visual appeal of your ship's deck or completely overhaul the flow and function, we can help you achieve your goals. Do you need to re-configure an acquired ship? Do you need to redesign a vessel for new purposes? Our team will help you craft the perfect design. We will work with current structures and systems to create a layout and design that meets your needs with minimal disruption and cost to you.

  2. Re-Building and Updating Existing Deck Designs

    We can import, convert, and adjust existing blueprints and designs for revamping and retrofitting to meet your current preferences. If you have worked with someone else in the past and found that their designs are lacking in some critical way, we are happy to overhaul those designs, as well, to suit your needs better.

  3. Ship Deck CAD Drafting and Deck Design Services

    Are you beginning from zero, with absolutely nothing but the bare bones of your ship? At Outsource2india, our marine engineers will work closely with you to create a fully functional ship deck design from your concept drawings or ideas, accommodating all the infrastructure that you have planned.

  4. Full-Service Technical Drawings

    We know that deck design isn't just about where things are located and the adequate flow and usable function of the space. It's also about the many systems that keep your ship operational, such as electrical and plumbing systems.

Our CAD Desk Design and Drafting Process Flow


01. Consultation

Before we can jump into working on your ship deck's design, we need a clear grasp of your goals and any significant challenges you foresee for the project.


02. First Drafts

Our team will create the first designs in a rough draft format to give you an overview of their vision for your project. After gaining approval or additional requests, they will move on to the next phase.


03. 2-Dimensional Designs & Drafts

In this stage, all technical elements are accounted for, planned, and laid out in blueprint-style formats.


04. 3-Dimension Mockups

If you are interested in seeing your project come to life before construction begins, our team will create manipulatable 3D renderings of your ship's deck.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

2 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Ship Deck Design Services to O2I

  • A Team of Skilled Professionals

    Our team of experts brings years of professional experience to every job. We are proud to share a wide range of services to complement your ship deck design, from electrical engineering to HVAC systems and more - we can help you take your project to the next level.

    Whether you need these additional services or not, we can coordinate with our team and outside professionals to ensure that the designs adequately account for such auxiliary systems.

  • 3D Ship Modeling Services

    While we are happy to draft your designs two-dimensionally for the sake of planning and building, we also understand the importance of visualizing the finished product. Our team will create professional 3D models of the finished product so you can assess the dimensions and functionality of the design in a scaled environment.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Structural Drafting Services to an Award-winning Design Firm

O2I Provided Structural Drafting Services to an Award-winning Design Firm

Outsource2india set aside a team of two skilled drafters, a quality analyst, and an account manager to accurately understand the markups and implement the changes in the project of the Texas-based, award-winning design firm. By timely coordinating with the client to get clarity on the markups, we prevented rework.

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O2I Provided Structural Modeling Support for a Concrete Supplying Giant

Outsource2india Provided Structural Modeling Support for a Concrete Supplying Giant

Structural support designers at Outsource2india devised a strategic communication framework to gather information on the building. The team then carried out scope analysis and conducted a seismic analysis to provide accurate reports.

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Outsource2india has been a tremendous resource for our engineering department. They are very precise and attentive to all our needs and have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible.

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Outsource Ship Deck Design and Drafting Services to Outsource2india

Begin the drafting process the right way from the start. Reach out to our qualified team of expert professionals to ensure your ship deck's design is functional, affordable, and meets all of your unique needs.

For quick consultation and a walkthrough of our ship deck design and drafting process, contact us.

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Important Note: For all CNC Services: You are required to provide accurate details of the shop floor, tool setup, machine availability and control systems. We base our calculations and drawings based on this input.

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