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Outsource CAD Conversion and Drafting Tool: SolidWorks

Gone are the days of paper drawings, charts and chart holders piling up in the engineering division of a business. Ever since computer applications started to control the reigns of various segments of businesses, every document has been digitized and converted into the electronic format which admittedly has a plethora of advantages over the paper format.

Why digitize engineering data?

There are several reasons as to why a company would want to convert its paper documents or designs into electronic designs for use with CAD software:

  • Safety, security and easier transportation which does not dictate the same amount of caution and care as a paper document.
  • Time-free technology that does not age or blur with time.
  • Better viewing capacity and readability of drawings with majority of view options available in electronic documents like Zoom and Rotate.
  • Easier modification of the design on an electronic interface with the ability to revert to older versions of the design.
  • Compatibility with most CAD software applications featuring graphics interchange formats.
  • Transported through a USB flash drive rather than a bulky chart holder.
  • Eliminates the need for reproducing, copying and printing work.

SolidWorks is a Windows-based 3D mechanical CAD software application and is developed by Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. Used across the world by over a hundred thousand companies, and more than a million engineers, SolidWorks is one of the more popular tools in existence. Since it is a Parasolid-based modeling tool, it uses parameters to define the models and create assemblies. Generally for any figure, there are a specific number of parameters that completely define the shape. For instance, the plane in which you want the object to be and the dimensions define a square while the plane of a circle and its radius defines a circle. On the other hand, parameters can also be geometric in the sense they can define parallelism and perpendicularity to another object.

There are several features like design intent and feature merging in this software that makes this application a much sought after one. SolidWorks also supports feature-based building which makes the process of building and changing structures smoother and more responsive to changes. Every structure begins with the design of a 2D or 3D shape which can be modified and extruded to get a different combination or assembly.

We have a team of experts with exceptional skills in SolidWorks; their experience and expertise could be the factors that convert your design from mere ideas to electronic sketches. You could also give your paper drawings for CAD conversion.

Contact us with your requirements for CAD Conversions, 2D Modeling and other Mechanical Engineering solutions.

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