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Case Study on Duct Layout Services

Case Study on Duct Layout Services

The Client

The Client Requirement

Our client is a leading US-based player in the global duct layout industry space. They needed a partner who could handle their outsourcing services that included duct design and drafting, duct Layout, financial, software development and website analytics services. In the Ducting design arena, the partner would need to understand the ducting industry, interact with both the development team at the customer’s engineering department and the customer’s dealers, and design duct layouts for specific industries all over USA. Down the line, the partner would need to generate invoices from drawings produced, handle online updation of the customer’s product lines, and expand services to the customer’s overseas offices in UK.

The Challenge

The number of drawings that the customer needed to provide its dealers was growing at an enormous rate, and they needed drawings with a quick turnaround time. Outsource2india was approached by the company with the task of learning about their line of products, and using both commercial software as well as software developed by them to design duct layouts.

The challenge lay in the fact that drawings had to be professionally drawn with a high degree of accuracy, and should easily be modifiable. The bigger challenge was that the turnaround time would need to steeply increase with time to meet the high demands from growing demands from the customer’s side. Demands have since grown by a factor of 10.

The Solution

Our Solution

Outsource2india quickly started the process at a small size and quickly ramped up the quality and turnaround time by which the drawings were delivered. A team was set up to manage key CTQs (Critical To Quality parameters).

In three months, our ability to deliver drawings had increased threefold. Given the volume of the drawings, we shifted to the FTE model and had engineers from Outsource2india serving as part of the customer’s team in the US. The integration has been so tight that our engineers get to know when a team member in the US has a baby and even how the weather condition is on a particular day!

Within another month, orders had grown almost 10- fold. Maintaining the highest level of quality, the output was matching demand. The illustration shows how the demand for drawings grew over 7 months, all the demand being met by engineers at Outsource2india.

duct layout projects graph

The Results

The Result

Quality: Accuracy of the drawings produced at O2I was so high that inventory planning and invoicing started to be carried out based on these drawings.

Value: Use of automation through programming is delivering not only productivity but also increasing accuracy of work carried out every day. Every week, we receive compliments not just from the customer, but also from his dealers. The customer has begun to trust in our services so much that we’ve now begun to call his customers.

So far, Outsource2india has crossed over 330 projects in 10 months. A highly satisfied client has decided to extend his requirements to other services. Soon, we started developing software, providing data management solutions, finance and accounting services, and website optimization services to them. Engineers from the customer’s location have visited our engineers to train them on specialized in-house codes that they want us to expand into. Our engineers are being deputed in the US for specialized training and are getting to meet the customers’ dealers in the US for future work. Other divisions of the client company based in other countries have expressed interest in using our drafting services.

No, it’s not just about cost savings. It is about bringing value to the table, and being a part of the customer’s team and efforts. For Outsource2india, this experience is significant in the way we’ve been a “total outsourcing solutions provider”. Finally, this is an ongoing story of being part of the customer’s success as well.

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