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Case Study on 3D Product Animation to a Seating Company

How O2I Provided 3D Product Animation Services to a Seating Company to Help Them Save 60% of their Advertisement Expenses

The Customer

The Client Requirement

The customer who approached us at Outsource2india is a renowned wholesaler, designer and manufacturer of ergonomic commercial seating with over 20 years of extensive experience. He operates in New Zealand and Australia.

The Requirement

Over the last couple of years, the customer had observed some of their competitors out performing their marketing strategies with the use of 3D software applications. In order to stay competitive and improve the sales of their ergonomic commercial seating, our customer felt that creating 3D product animation was an absolute must. With this requirement in mind, the customer approached Outsource2india and requested us to create 3D product animations for their products, which should specifically detail the customer's several commercial seating functionalities and designs.

The Challenge

During the course of the project, the team at Outsource2india encountered the following challenges -

  • We were accepted to showcase the various designs and functional aspects of the customer's designs. The benefits attributed to each design also had to be described
  • Next, virtual models had to be created along with the specific properties and appearances which had to be matched with the customer's physical products or with the given referral image files
  • Finally, depending on general moving and sitting postures of people throughout the day, our team had to work on various enhanced ergonomic features

The Solution

Our Solution

Before we commenced work on the project, our team of product animation experts carefully analyzed the customer's challenges. Based-on the customer's inputs, we drafted out a winning solution -

  • We assigned a specialized team of 3D animators to develop 3D models. This team was guided by an experienced project manager
  • Our team applied the right material properties and set-up the perfect lighting camera angles
  • We equipped our team with the very latest in technology and application, in addition to our other in-house capabilities
  • We broadened our thoughts, so we could exceed the customer's expectations
  • An intensive in-house experiment was conducted on the final drafts to ensure the customer of 100% accuracy and quality
  • We sent several preliminary samples to the customer for review and feedback
The Results

The Results

At the end of the project, the customer was extremely happy with the professional way in which we handled their work. The customer was able to enjoy several multifaceted benefits, upon the successful execution of our customized solution. Some of the benefits were as follows -

  • The customer was able to improve their brand image and increase its reputation
  • Sales was increased by 50%
  • Promotional and advertising expenses dropped down by 60%
  • There was an improvement in the conversion rate and an increase in consumer engagement

Do you have a similar business requirement and wish to save on cost, while availing high-quality services? If yes, we at Outsource2india can help you. Partner with us today for 3D product animation and witness a measurable improvement in your business ROI!

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