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O2I Provided CFD Simulation Services to a Leading HVAC Manufacturer

O2I Provided CFD Simulation Services to a Leading HVAC Manufacturer

The Client

The Client Requirement

Our client is in the HVAC industry (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). They are an innovative developer and manufacturer who takes pride in being an industry leader. They are the primary supplier for many architects, contractors, building owners, OEM manufacturers, and designers.

Their goal is to provide comfortable and practical solutions that significantly improve their customer's quality of life. They work hard to not only meet but far exceed expectations every time, and they boast exceptional customer service and support.

They are also passionate about the environment, leading innovators in the “Green” manufacturing movement, focusing on conserving energy and continuously improving their building systems and technology to be more eco-friendly.

They have personally developed several patented eco-friendly HVAC products that they are proud to offer their customers, should they, too, wish to be kinder to the environment.

This client needed a simulation report and a 3D visualized simulation made based on their 3D models. So, they began their search for an experienced partner to whom they would outsource the work and learned about our services.

They supplied us with the 3D models as STP files and the necessary documents outlining the specific conditions the project had to follow. Their expectations of us were as follows -

  • To deliver the finished project elements within 15 days.
  • If all went well, they would require more simulation work - the estimate was around one per month, though this figure was not concrete.
  • We had a team of 1 FTE to work with.

Project Challenges

Our Solution

We experienced two distinct challenges when approaching this project. First, the simulation software we worked with - Star CCM - is advanced software that required someone highly skilled with such things.

The project also required someone with experience analyzing the results and ensuring they were aligned with the objective. Because everything required such high levels of skill and experience, we had limited people and resources to work with.

The Solution

Despite the challenges, we faced the project head-on and developed a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to get the job done -

  1. We received the necessary STP files and process documents from the client.
  2. We reviewed the given resources and subsequently brought our concerns and questions to the client and clarified everything.
  3. We then sent them the meshed 3D simulation first.
  4. Then, we gave them the initial simulation reports.
  5. Once approved, we send over the final simulation reports and the visualized 3D mesh model if they request it.

Throughout this process, we did suggest some design changes to improve the accuracy in the HVAC system. Our experts made these suggestions as they tried to meet the client's needs and requirements to the absolute best of their ability.

The Result

The Results

The results were successful and beneficial on both ends. The simulation tool we used was high-end, advanced, and complicated and people with the right knowledge and skill set are hard to find. We provided the client with this and prevented them from investing in the software themselves, thus saving them money.

They also saved in labor costs as the training required to get this done would have been extensive. Lastly, we were proactive in suggesting changes that we felt were necessary and beneficial to the project. These were made based on our team's knowledge and experience, which is something else we provided for them that they did not have.

The client was extremely happy with the work which resulted in further positive feedback for them and another great review for us.

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