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Created 1000+ Furniture Models Per Month for an Online Home Goods Store

3D Modeling for Furniture Images for Online Goods Store

Outsource2india worked with a leading American home goods store by creating 3D models of 1000+ furniture images per month in various textures, lighting, and environment. The images were to be presented in four different formats to the client.

The Client

Outsource2india was approached by one of the leading home goods store in America to help recreate the furniture for their e-com division. Entire furniture was to be recreated in 3D and passed on to the client where they would use it according to their needs.

Requirement and Challenges

The task at hand was to either recreate or convert all furniture into 3D models and the final drawing was to be shared with the client for rendering.

There were over 1000+ furniture models that had to be modeled every month and all models required appropriate enhancing through texturing, add lighting after which rendering was required to the products. Every image was required in 4 formats which included Vignette, Silo, Silo Dimension and Environment.

Challenges Faced by Outsource2india

Several challenges were faced by the O2I during the course of the project. On some occasions no dimensions were disclosed, samples shared were unclear, and no details of texturing and lighting effects were provided.

This meant, the team required an understanding of Time-saver Standards to visualize proportions and also familiarity with Ergonomics and Usability at a higher level. The challenge was to comprehend the aesthetics and different environments from the client's perspective and work intuitively to achieve the client's requirements.

Outsource2india's Solution

We started by introducing a proper file exchange system to download SKUs which in turn streamlined the whole process and also evolved specific workflow for corrections. Outsource2india had to increase the number of artists with the capacity to handle 1000+ models a month and employed additional 3D Modelers, Texturing Artists and Lighting Specialists with the expertise on 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator design software.

The Benefits

The client saved on the costs associated with hiring talented artists and investing on high-end design software. With shortened turnaround time to market, this meant the client had the ability to showcase more products. By placing the furniture in various desired environments there was a remarkable increase in sales.

Outsource2india had an opportunity to have continuous business flow. Further, it was a learning experience on 3D modeling specifically furniture modeling which set the platform to work with future furniture industry clientele. From a more aesthetic perspective, O2I was exposed to latest trends and techniques in designing interiors including furniture and accessories.

Hire O2I to Get Professional 3D Furniture Models

Outsource2india is one of the prominent engineering solutions outsourcing company in India offering customized including 3D modeling to clients across the globe at affordable rates. Hope you liked how we created success story for this client while helping them cut down costs and turnaround time.

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