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Architectural Drawing Services for an Architectural Firm in Canada

Architectural Drawing Case Study

Our Customer

One of the renowned contractors in the U.S. specializing in home theater designing and construction engineering approached Outsource2india for creating technical and architectural drawings. The customer had approached us for the first time.

The Requirement

We were required to generate technical drawings for the placement of home theaters in rooms with varied shapes and sizes. Rough sketches of home theaters with their placement in particular rooms were provided. Our customer wanted services in the form of civil and structural construction drawings that were not just distinctive but also viable. They expected us to provide multiple drawings with different options and combinations to place the home theaters.

The Solution

We offered architectural construction drawings as an output of our CSA (Civil, Structural and Architectural) Engineering Services.

We selected the best, experienced professionals in our team to work on this project. Our highly skilled architectural engineers studied the rough sketches and specifications provided by the customer and improvised on them to create immaculate technical drawings, using the CAD software.

To ensure that we understood our customer's requirements and expectations thoroughly, our team visited the customer's office in the U.S. Our customer was pleasantly surprised and delighted by the enthusiasm and initiative displayed by us.

We focused on aesthetics and technicalities as well as the vital audio-visual principles during the design stage for the positioning of home theaters. Our professionals were meticulous in their design as evident from the drawings, each of which highlighted even the minutest details – such as the distance between the two speakers of the home theater, the distance between the home theater and the television, the distance between the seating position and the home theater and other finer aspects.

All our drawings were instantly approved and lauded by our customer. They were also happy with the short turnaround time within which we delivered all the work. We delivered nearly 20 technical and architectural services within just two weeks without compromising on quality or deviating from any specifications.

Customer Benefits

Our customer was very happy with our creative designs and heaped generous praise for the quality of work and overall handling of the project. We won the confidence and trust of our customer as we stretched ourselves to exceed customer expectations and offered what other service providers could not have, such as -

  • Deep analysis and understanding of project requirements
  • Initiative and enthusiasm beyond expectations
  • Highly economical rates
  • World class quality designs
  • Quick turnaround time

Highly satisfied with our impeccable drawings and unique but feasible designs, our customer offered us another project involving lighting inside a building. We are required to provide technical drawings for the same. This project requires the use of a particular software and our customer has arranged for a training program for our team. This will enable our team to work on this new project effectively and deliver excellent results, as done earlier.

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Important Note: For all CNC Services: You are required to provide accurate details of the shop floor, tool setup, machine availability and control systems. We base our calculations and drawings based on this input.

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