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Failure Analysis Services

Outsource Failure Analysis Services

We take a holistic approach to determine reasons for failure and recommend ways to make your future products 100% fail-safe at prices starting at just $20 per hour

Failure analysis is essential in any product development company. It enables discovering flaws and past failures to design a robust product. But not every company can afford to operate a full-fledged team to handle failure analysis services. It can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, outsourcing failure analysis testing services makes sense to ensure project sustenance and continuous innovation.

Outsource2india is a leading failure analysis service providing company that has 25 years of experience in various engineering failure analysis assignments. We have proven our capability to streamline product development by uncovering all possibilities of failure before products reach end-users. We use analytical tools and specialized methods to scientifically find and fix flaws in the product design.

Failure Analysis Services We Offer

Outsource2india is a failure analysis service provider you can turn to for shrinking your expenses. Our services are continuously sought by small, mid, and large enterprises to design products that are durable during its lifecycle. Our failure analysis services are as follows -

  1. Failure Analysis of Products and Testing Material Integrity

    Failure Analysis of Products and Testing Material Integrity

    Our team of failure analysis experts will thoroughly investigate the product quality and materials used in its construction by relying on data from past failures. We perform failure analysis on metals, mating components, plastic housing, electronic circuits, connectors, and much more. We test products and materials to its extremes to ensure it is fail-proof.

  2. Failure Analysis of Polymers

    Failure Analysis of Polymers

    We perform deep-dive analysis of polymers by testing and measuring properties characteristics of membranes, fibers, composites, paints, etc. We look for potential problems that might manifest during critical operations. Our skilled investigators will analyze problems and provide solutions to make polymers used in your products from failing catastrophically.

  3. Detection and Analysis of Contamination

    Detection and Analysis of Contamination

    Testing the products for contamination requires sophisticated analysis techniques and technologies. All of which we possess at O2I. We take crucial steps to make your products durable against unpredictable contamination that is accompanied by health risks and financial implications. We help you enhance the ruggedness of the product to minimize the risk.

  4. Failure Analysis of Materials in Medical Device

    Failure Analysis of Materials in Medical Device

    O2I's material experts investigate material-related issues in implantable medical devices. We perform comprehensive failure analysis to prevent patient fatalities, production outages, failure of materials using if production. We also help to improve the surface chemistry and adhesive properties of materials used in medical devices with design failure mode and effect analysis.

  5. Failure Analysis of Components in Engineering & Manufacturing

    Failure Analysis of Components in Engineering and Manufacturing

    We collect and analyze design data to help you take remedial measures or make design modifications to prevent structural compromises from becoming a catastrophic failure in the future. We ensure that your engineering and plan equipment is not susceptible to fracture or failure during operating conditions.

  6. Failure Analysis of Aviation Mechanicals

    Failure Analysis of Aviation Mechanicals

    O2I's multidisciplinary failure analysis team will investigate the mechanicals of aviation components. We will help you know if there are parts with integrity issues so it can be detected early to prevent sudden failure. We perform failure analysis on materials, fatigue tolerance, finite element, welded parts, and much more.

Our Failure Analysis Process

Failure Analysis services from O2I saves you thousands of dollars on analysis equipment and software. Hiring costs are additional if you are contemplating to hire an FTE on your business's payroll. The outsourcing failure analysis services are practical and it's as follows -


01. Requirement Discovery

We will collaborate with the client to discover their business requirement. It also gives us insight into their products


02. Collection of Test Data

We will collect the data generated via tests conducted on the client's products. The data will be evaluated for completeness and accuracy


03. Team Selection

We will designate the team to handle the failure analysis requirement. The team will sign the NDA and SLA


04. Failure Analysis

Our team used advanced analysis tools and methods to determine fatal flaws based on previously collected data


05. Quality Check

We will conduct a quality review to ensure the services are executed as per the protocols and if the methods are meeting our quality standards


06. Analysis Submission

We will compile a comprehensive report on our findings and furnish the same within the turnaround time

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Failure Analysis Services to Outsource2india?

O2I is a go-to choice for companies that are in search of the finest failure analysis service provider in India. 2000+ customers we served are glad they found us to outsource failure analysis services. Here's are more reasons why you should consider a failure analysis company like O2I -

  • Friendly Rates

    The failure analysis services come at reasonable rates so you can customize your needs instead of opting for the comprehensive failure analysis services.

  • 100% Data Security

    Outsource2india is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 compliant failure analysis outsourcing company. We are committed to keeping your data safe from cyber-attacks and thefts.

  • Project Management Software

    We use cutting-edge failure analysis software that takes care of parts that can be automated. We run complex tests to check every aspect of structural rigidity and robustness.

  • High-quality Failure Analysis Services

    We offer nothing short of a high-quality service to all our clients. Every aspect of our service is thoroughly checked before it's handed over.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We always keep up our promise of on-time service completion. We also undertake orders that come with a tighter TAT.

  • ISO Certified Failure Analysis Services Provider

    O2I is an ISO 9001:2015 certified failure analysis company where you can get your requirements met with the highest quality. We don't cut corners to finish projects.

  • Scalable Services

    If you want failure analysis services that can be scaled up or down once the project commences, we'll honor your needs. Our services are scalable and it's easy to place a request.

  • Experienced Failure Analysis Professionals

    We have highly qualified structural engineers and research partners who work from our Secure ODC to parametric analysis and deep-drive investigation on the furnished data so you can be assured of quality results.

  • 24/7 Support

    Get round the clock support by agents through a phone call, email, or webchat. They speak the language you prefer and it won't matter if your time zone if different from ours.

Client Success Stories

O2I Conducted Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis for a US-Based Water Purifier Manufacturer

Outsource2india Conducted Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis for a US-Based Water Purifier Manufacturer

We provided high-quality Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis services to a water purifier client headquartered in the US. Analysis and reporting were completed within 2 months.

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O2I Provided FEA Analysis Support to US Solar Energy Giant

O2I Provided FEA Analysis Support to US Solar Energy Giant

A leading solar energy giant headquartered in South Dakota outsourced FEA analysis support. Our mechanical engineers provided the services to the client as per their business requirements.

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Outsource2india has been a tremendous resource for our engineering department. They are very precise and attentive to all our needs and have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible.

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Outsource Failure Analysis Services to Outsource2india

With 25 years of solid experience in Failure Analysis, O2I has emerged as a true leader in not just making products bullet-proof, but also in a wide range of mechanical engineering services. Being a top provider of failure analysis services in India, we have a global presence where we cater through our offshore delivery centers in 4 continents. We have seen unstoppable growth from being a small firm to a large multifaceted failure analysis service providing company beating engineering challenges.

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Failure Analysis Services FAQs

  • What is the purpose of failure analysis?

    Failure analysis is conducted to determine the root cause of the failure, improvise the future products, and prevent any kind of failures in the future.

  • How to conduct a failure analysis?

    Failure analysis is conducted by collecting proper background information and samples, examining the samples, identifying the defects, and conducting proper analysis.

  • What is functional failure analysis?

    Functional failure analysis will provide a detailed account of all the conditions that would prevent an equipment from operating at its peak performance.