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Detailing Services Provided For A Hydraulic Fixture

Case Study on Detailing Services Provided for Hydraulic Fixture

The Customer

Our customer is a leading engineering services company based in Canada. It has been providing engineering services to a renowned automobile manufacturing giant. For one of their projects they felt the need for mechanical engineering services but did not have the expertise. The company approached is for the same.

The Requirement

Our customer had a hydraulic fixture that required detailing services as part of mechanical engineering services. This fixture was to be used for their client's (automobile manufacturer's) project. We were asked to provide detailing services for the hydraulic clamping fixture. The engineering services company wanted us to use SolidWorks 2009 as they were comfortable with that software and felt it was the most appropriate tool for the task.

The project had to be completed within in a turnaround time of just one week. This was a very tight time span, as the process involved was very extensive and required meticulous planning and execution. We had prior experience in this area and also had the resources with the requisite skills sets. Hence, we felt confident of delivering the service and decided to take up this project. We had offered competitive rates which proved to be a key factor in winning this project.

The Solution

We started by identifying experts with prior experience in our resource pool to work on this project. We quickly drew the project plan, which included detailed processes, tools to be used, resource allocation, etc. We implemented IT security measures at our center, which protected the project from internal as well as external threats.

Our team developed 2D manufacturing drawings that highlighted the specific details of the fixture. This included -

  • Detailed designing of the hydraulic fixture
  • The hydraulic circuit diagram

Out team of mechanical engineering experts then developed a 3D model based on the design. The core tooling detailing services provided by us included -

  • Special purpose machine design
  • Mould and die design
  • Jig and fixture design

The key features that enabled us to complete this project as per our customer's requirements were -

  • Our expertise in the area of activity
  • Process driven approach
  • Enhanced security
  • Use of SolidWorks 2009
  • Detailed 2D manufacturing drawings
  • 3D model of the proposed solution

Benefits to the Customer

The important benefits that our customer gained from our services were -

  • Significant cost savings
  • Short turnaround time
  • High-quality services
  • 2D drawings and 3D model for records and future reference
  • Satisfaction of a job well done

Yes, our customer was delighted with our mechanical engineering services and professional project management skills. They expressed satisfaction with the quality of work and promised to work with us again on similar requirements in the future.

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