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Engineering Services Case Studies

Outsource2india has provided Civil, Structural and Architectural services to several companies across the globe for over a decade. Our team of qualified and experienced engineers is proficient in providing services such as engineering transcription, technical drawings and more.

Read these case studies to find out how our customers benefited from lower costs, increased productivity and faster turnaround times.

3D Furniture Modeling for Real Estate Photographer

O2I Provided 3D Furniture Modeling Support to Renowned Real Estate Photographer

A leading Texas-based real estate photographer approached us with 3D furniture modeling requirements. Our team of highly experienced architectural engineers provided the required services to the client within a quick turnaround time.

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Revit Modeling Services to US Client

O2I Provided Revit Modeling Support to US-based Fuel System Giant for Mission-critical Projects

Outsource2india was approached by a client in need of Revit modeling for complex layouts of the fuel pump. We allocated the project to a team of analyst, project manager, and expert drafter. Our team understood the markup and proceeded to design the Revit model according to the client's need.

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Sketchup Modeling Services to US Hotels

O2I Provides SketchUp Modeling Services to 2100 US-based Hotels

A US-based client contacted Outsource2india with a requirement which involved remodeling the kitchen using the three-standard layout and photographic inputs of existing design. They wanted high quality design that allows the kitchen to accommodate industry standard equipment while staying consistent and practical to the latest design standards.

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3D Modeling Services to US Home Theater Company

Outsource2india Provided 3D Modeling Services to US-Based Home Theater Experts

Outsource2india was approached by a home theater designer within inputs including lighting conditions and photographs of existing living space. The client wanted us to render room interior that accommodated a home theater. The client wanted a modern design that used minimum space without the unwanted lighting causing glare on the TV screen.

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Space Planning Services

O2I Provided Space Planning Services to a US-Based Parcel Management Service Provider

Team at Outsource2india designed over 15 layouts every month for this client using AutoCAD. With a single dedicated layout expert, a quality analyst, and an account manager, we were able to provide the best solution to the client.

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BIM Solutions for Saudi MEP Provider

O2I Provided Top-notch BIM solutions for Top Saudi MEP Services Leader

An MEP services provider based out of Saudi Arabia contacted O2I for BIM engineering drawings of two towers and metro rail stations. Our experts had to perform clash detection and drawing modification for all MEP services uniformly without delay. Our team of 10 took close to 60 days to complete the project and provided high-quality MEP drawing that met client's requirement.

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Bill of Quantity Services to Design and Construction Firm

O2I Helped an International General Design and Construction Giant with BoQ Services

Outsource2india's team of highly experienced structural engineers provided a leading international design and construction company with the best-quality bill of quantity services within a quick turnaround time.

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Structural Modeling for Concrete Supplier

Outsource2india Provided Structural Modeling Support for a Concrete Supplying Giant

Structural support designers at Outsource2india devised a strategic communication framework to gather information on the building. The team then carried out scope analysis and conducted seismic analysis to provide accurate reports.

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BIM Modeling for US Based Survey Company

Outsource2india Helped US-based Survey Giant with BIM Modeling

Outsource2india's team of BIM experts thoroughly analyzed five different angles and portions of the floor-wise laser scans provided by the client and converted into a single REVIT model and submitted the completed model through Dropbox.

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3D Furniture Modeling for Real Estate Company

Outsource2india Helped a Real-Estate Giant with 3D Furniture Modeling Projects

Our team of 3D designers worked on 20 images per day and leveraged software like Adobe Photoshop and 3DS Max to create 3D designs. Outsource2india was able to provide final outputs that were precise and flawless.

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Structural Drafting Services to Design Firm

O2I Provided Structural Drafting Services to an Award-winning Design Firm

Outsource2india set aside a team of two skilled drafters, a quality analyst, and an account manager to accurately understand the markups and implement the changes in the project of the Texas-based, award-winning design firm. By timely coordinating with the client to get clarity on the markups, we prevented rework.

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Solar Energy Plan Creation for Solar Power Contractor

Created Customized Solar Energy Plans for Solar Power Contractor in America

Outsource2india used HelioScope software and worked around the limitations of Google maps to classify roofs and identify houses and obstacles hindering power generation, eventually mapping them together. Our solution helped the Solar Power Contractor sell efficient, renewable power generation solutions that perfectly matched customer usage and helped them take informed decisions.

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Case Study on CAD Conversion of Property Sketches

CAD Conversion of Property Sketches for an Interior Designer

Team at Outsource2india provided CAD conversion of property sketches to a US-based interior designer in just 60 hours, allowing the client to cut his overall cost by 50%.

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CAD Drawings for a Construction Company

CAD Drawings for a UK-based Construction Company

Outsource2india designed exceptional CAD drawings for a UK-based construction consultancy in a short turnaround time with 100% accuracy.

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Case Study on 2D Evacuation Plans for Australian Client

2D Evacuation Plans for Australian Client

A school community safety organization in Australia contacted Outsource2india for assistance in developing 2D drawings for evacuation plans based on PDF markups.

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Case Study on Radius Map Creation Using CAD

Radius Map Creation using CAD

An expediting and consulting firm from USA approached Outsource2india to create high-quality CAD-based radius maps which were then delivered at 1005 accuracy.

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Case Study on Conversion of Hand Drawn Floor Plans to 2D CAD Files

Conversion of Hand Drawn Floor Plans to 2D CAD Files Using Floorplanner

A real estate company in the Netherlands approached Outsource2india (O2I) to prepare 2D floor plans from existing hand-drawn sketches using a specific tool with turnaround expected in 24 hours or less. Read how team at Outsource2india successfully converted hand drawn floor plan in less than 24-hour with 98% accuracy.

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Case Study on Redesign Precast Design using Revit

Redesign of Precast Designs Using REVIT within a Quick Turnaround

We were approached by a leading US manufacturer of precast concrete, polymer concrete and plastic products to redesign existing precast designs using REVIT in a quick TAT with 95% accuracy.

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Case Study on Architectural Drawing & Drafting

Technical Drafting & Drawing Services For An Architectural Firm in Canada

A leading architectural firm needed a reliable partner to produce high quality drafting and drawing work, with the ability to handle sudden spikes in work load. O2I's drafting specialists were geared up and ready to provide consistently-flawless work. The client was delighted with our professionalism and quality, and has signed up for a long-term engagement with O2I.

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Case Study on 3D Walkthrough Visualization Services

3D Walkthrough and Visualization Services for an Irish Client

Outsource2india provided an Irish client cost-effective 3D walkthrough and visualization services in just two weeks at cost-effective rates with 90% accuracy.

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Case Study on Engineering Transcription Services

Technical Engineering Transcription Services for Leading Engineering Company in U.S.

A leading engineering company in the U.S. was looking for accurate engineering transcription services. We provided the same within a quick turnaround time. The customer's internal quality audit team found our service to be error-free and of high quality.

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Case Study on Architectural Drawing

Architectural Drafting Services for an Architectural Firm in Canada

A leading home theater contractor in the U.S. wanted technical architectural drawings for placing home theaters in rooms. We provided the required drawings based on the sketches sent by the customer. This project helped us bag another one from the customer, work on which is underway.

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Retail Design & Drafting Case Study

Retail Design and Drafting Services for a $600m Company

A leading store management company benefited from our retail design and drafting services. We offered customized space planning designs, interior designs and store refurbishing drawings. We have successfully completed over 275 retail design projects till date.

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Case Study on 3D Rendering Solution for Acclaimed Interior Designer

3D Rendering Services for a Prestigious US-based Interior Design Firm

We delivered 3D rendering solutions to a noted member of the American Society of Interior designers in less than 36 hours and helped them complete their project in scheduled timeframe.

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Case Study on 3D Renderings, 2D Construction Sets, 3D BIM Modeling

3D Renderings, 2d construction sets and 3D BIM Modeling Services for a US Firm

Read on to find out how we were able to save a leading US based interior design firm 50% in costs in a 40% faster turnaround time by providing them exceptional 2D interior design and drafting and 3D rendering services.

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Case Study on Architectural Drafting

Streamlined Drafting Processes for an Architecture Firm

Read this case study to find out how a Canadian architecture firm was able to save $120,000 yearly by outsourcing his drafting processes to us.

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Case Study on 2D Architectural Drawings

Detailed 2D Architectural Drawings for a US Based Aerospace OEM Manufacturer

Read this case study to find out how a leading Aerospace manufacturer was able to receive high-quality 2D architectural drawings while reducing costs and keeping a check on the number of resources, by outsourcing their requirements to us.

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