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Outsource2india Delivered Land Development Project to a Leading Engineering Firm in California

Case Study on Land Development Project for Engineering Firm in California

The Client

Our client is a top-notch civil engineering company, providing services to cities, counties, universities, special districts, private companies, and various other professionals. This type of work has always been the company's focus. They work hard to provide both innovative and cost-effective solutions for transportation water, wastewater, site improvement, drainage, and other important infrastructure elements.

They currently serve the Northern California and Sacramento Valley regions. What sets this company apart is its ability to connect with their clients early in the process, developing and maintaining the partnership throughout the project's life.

The client was looking for an outsourcing partner to assist them with some site development plans such as the cover sheet, driveway connection plan, existing condition plan, master utility plan, stormwater, and the overall site plan.

They also required a pollution prevention plan which included paving, grading, drainage details, sanitary sewer plans, FDOT standard plans, and much more. It was a complex and involved project that required expert CAD and land development engineers with adequate experience. Upon finding us and learning of our expertise, they hired us to do the job.

Project Challenges

Due to the complex nature of the project, understanding the client's needs was challenging in the beginning and we needed to put our absolute best people on it. Even with our most experienced CAD engineers assigned to do the job, the client's desired timeframe still felt tight.

Thankfully, the experts we put on the team were able to understand the client's challenging needs without issue and were able to tackle the job properly. They agreed to the requested timeline, tough as it was.

The Solution

To complete the job properly on the required due date, our team had to come up with a deliberate, streamlined set of steps they could follow easily. The client did provide us with several references including landscape drawings, land sketches, a survey, and the building footprint. With these and the use of AutoCAD and Civil 3D, they created the following plan:

  1. The team began by creating a Lot Grading plan for a single residence, followed by onsite sewer treatment and disposal system plans.
  2. Next, they prepared the site and development plans. This included making the site plan drawing and the layout based on zoning regulations. In this step, they also created the paving grading and drainage plans and the utility layout.
  3. The stormwater pollution prevention plan was next, as well as the landscape plan based on minimum development standards.
  4. After this, the team drafted site sections and relevant details on potable water. The sanitary sewer and subdivision plans were prepared as well as a preliminary plan based on minimum lot sizes and right-of-way requirements.
  5. We prepared the master paving grading and drainage plan and created the layout. We also sized the utilities for the potable water and sanitary sewers while preparing the master utility plan.
  6. Lastly, we created the final pieces. This included the roadway profile drawings, storm, sanitary sewer, and potable water utilities, sanitary sewer pipe design, and the sized storm pipes.
  7. Finally, we delivered the final drawings and layouts to the client in .DWG and PNG formats.


The client was looking for a team of highly skilled CAD engineers to complete this project and was happy with our team's expertise. Our team was dedicated and worked hard to provide the plans for all 23 acres and delivered it all exactly on time.

Because of this project's success, they have hired us for an ongoing project with 3-4 deliverables each week.

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Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in offering custom infrastructural engineering services. Our team has high levels of training and expertise in the area of land development design and can successfully deliver custom projects within the promised timeframe and budget.

If you need work done similar to this, and are looking for bespoke infrastructure engineering solutions, please contact us today.

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