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Outsource 3D Part Modeling Services

3D Part Modeling Services

With decades of 3D CAD design experience, Outsource2india provides superior 3D part modeling services to our ever-increasing list of satisfied clients. Outsource2india's customer-centric approach allows us to focus on defined concepts and requirements while providing precise modeling services. Our modelers and draftsmen opt for AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max and Sketch-up to produce vivid 3D models that are highly professional and thorough.

Not just at surface modeling, we are also proficient in migrating accessible CAD data from any specified platform to the other. We provide both detailed and exploded view to help you understand the complexities and intricacies of the designed parts to get a clear idea about its uniqueness.

Our 3D Part Modeling Services

Be it a design that needs to go directly to the production floor or something that is designed for a creativity workshop, our draftsmen are equipped and skilled to meet your expectations. Our models are highly accurate & precise and follow client specifications with care. Reducing the time-to-market for our clients, we provide service to clients spanned across industries including Automotive, Aviation, etc. We help you assess and evaluate as well as check the functionality of the parts and help you check assembly options with ease. Including 3D modeling, FEA analysis and 3D product animations, we cover a vast range of 3D part modeling services that include -

  • 3D Fixtures Modeling - Multi-view representation and modeling for various machine parts, jigs, automotive parts, etc.
  • 3D Component Modeling - Modeling for precise glass, electronic, automobile, aerospace, kitchenware and other parts
  • New conceptual drawings - Modeling from sketches and other drawings to 3D models
  • Fully detailed parts and assembly drawings - For costing, quoting, product promotion, and manufacturing requirements
  • Reverse Engineering 3D modeling services - Converting 2D parts and assemblies to 3D solid CAD models
  • 3D modeling for Sheet metal and plastic molding

3D Modeling Tools We Leverage

At Outsource2india, we follow stringent quality standards ensure that only professional 3D modelers with a minimum of 5 years of experience work on your project at any given time. This allows us to generate a 3D part model which can be modified at any given time, allowing you to take charge of any alterations without spending excessively on different prototypes.

We use the following software for 3D part modeling -

Mechanical Services Mechanical Services Mechanical Services Mechanical Services Mechanical Services

3D Modeling Process We Follow

Project Scoping

  • Study client requirements
  • Plan Prototyping
  • Timeline agreement


  • Prepare Conceptual design
  • Create detailed 2D models
  • List out challenges or issues
  • Fix issues


  • Start 3D part modeling
  • Review of 3D models
  • Clash detection & quality testing


  • Clash fixing
  • 3D model finalization
  • Release of 3D models

What Makes Our 3D Part Modeling Services Stand Out?

At Outsource2india, our stringent quality standards help us provide comprehensive 3D part modeling services that meet client needs and come within a specified budget. Our models are highly flexible and can be modified depending on requirement.

  • A 99% quality guarantee, ensuring all your 3D modeling projects are as per your specifications
  • Faster turnaround time for all your projects
  • Faster time-to-market and reduced design cycle times
  • Significantly lower costs as compared to our competitors
  • Higher ROI on product development
  • Significant security measures to protect client information and data, allowing you the peace-of-mind while you trust us with your sensitive product information and details
  • Advanced 3D modeling software to create part models
  • Experienced engineers catering to your designing needs
  • 24*7 support for changing requirements
  • Knowhow of advanced 3D modeling technologies

Choose Outsource2india for Reliable & Cost-effective 3D Part Modeling Services in India

We focus on shortening the design lifecycle of your projects and streamlining the manufacturing process. By providing precise 3D part models at competitive prices with reduced turnaround time, Outsource2india is a smarter choice.

We are always excited to take up new and challenging 3D part modeling projects. If you have any requirements that need a 3D modeling service partner, we are here to help.

We would love to assist you with your 3D part modeling requirements. Have a look at our mechanical services portfolio and contact us for to more about our 3D part modeling expertise. Do feel free to get in touch today to know how we can help you out.

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