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Case Study on Radius Map Creation Using CAD

Radius Map Creation using CAD

Outsource2india's CAD services helped a US based client to create radius maps for specific locations that had an accuracy level of 100%

A consulting and expediting firm in the United States needed a partner to map the radius of specific areas and create CAD drawings that showed the information provided for those areas. They approached Outsource2india to handle the project requirements.

The Client

The Client Requirement

Our client is an expediting company in the United States with 16 years of experience in acquiring building permits, providing radius maps, and preparing construction drawings to file with the department of buildings. Their needs included the following -

  • Specific areas needed to be mapped and CAD drawings needed to be created with specific information provided by the client for each area.
  • The client provided details including plot number, street name, house number, and additional information in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. All this information needed from the spreadsheet was required to match exactly to the CAD drawings.
  • The radius varied between drawings from 100 meters to 300 meters.
  • Each 100 meter radius map needed to be completed within 24 hours while the larger radius maps needed to be completed within 48 hours.

Project Challenges

The Outsource2india team had never completed a project specifically like this one due to the niche nature of the request. As a result, the team needed to fully understand the requirements of the client in detail so as to be able to approach the project with confidence. Because of the new nature of the requirement, new training was required for the team which was time consuming and slowed the start of the project.

The Solution

Our Solution

To ensure that the project was completed effectively and within the indicated timeframe, the following was completed by the team -

  • Four full time equivalent staff members were assigned to work on this project exclusively from start to finish
  • The client trained the team directly and the team provided a trial to ensure it was completed properly
  • The client shared the source files via Dropbox and the team started work immediately
  • The team created radius maps in CAD drawings for specific areas and entered information provided in the Excel sheets into the maps to ensure accuracy
  • The quality assurance team performed a strict quality check to ensure that the data entered was accurate and error-free

Project Results

The Result

Despite the learning curve and additional time required to start the project, it was completed quickly and accurately by the Outsource2india team, with each of the resulting files reaching a 100% accuracy level. This exceeded the client's expectations and ensured the team was provided more outsourced work by this client in the future.

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