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Case Study on Realistic 3D Models of Lighting Solutions

Created Realistic 3D Models of Lighting Solutions for Land and Maritime Use

O2I Engineering team is working with a leading lighting solutions and installations provider for extreme environments like maritime and offshore environments. The company required low poly 3D models and 1:1 scale solid models of maritime equipment used which they had outsourced to us.

The Client Requirement

The Client

The client offers exclusive lighting and installation services and specializes in exclusive floodlighting solutions under extreme conditions for land and maritime use. The client does lighting analysis, designs, assembles, and distributes premium lighting solutions for customers engaged in sensitive and high-security environments - specifically for highly sensitive maritime vessels at sea or offshore environments. This requires high-level simulation and visualization where 3D CAD modeling plays a pivotal role.

Requirement and Challenges

For creating 3d models of the equipment, some of the special requirements were creating 1:1 scale, solid models in low poly. Some of the challenges faced were -

  • Maintaining high level of confidentiality due to sensitivity of drawings
  • Delivering models at very short notice
  • Reworking models based on feedback
  • Creating high quality CAD models close to actual representation

The Outsource2india Solution

Our Solution

Outsource2india's experience in working on the latest software 3DSMax, Adobe Photoshop and AutoCAD to create 3D models and our knowledge of sensitive industry norms helped meet client expectations. With a proper process flow, the client could adapt to the process helping streamline all activities. To handle the challenges -

  • Defined proper system with high levels of security and authorized usage to maintain confidentiality of drawings
  • Added additional manpower to meet scheduled timelines and deliver required models at short notice
  • Designated team to handle changes and undertake reworking of models based on feedback
  • Created actual size models to ensure actual representation and easier simulation of light effects

The Benefits

O2I has been an outsourcing partner for many engineering clients and offered cost effective solutions. Working on highly sensitive projects, clients are assured of highest data security and confidentiality. We have been creating 3D models for this client for over 36 months and with minimal changes.

Overall there was substantial saving on time and cost since even the most imperfect drawings were rendered into full-fledged models. Today O2I has the talent to work in challenging environments and offer 3D/2D solutions and modeling for any type of industry.

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