Energy Auditing Services

Energy Auditing Services

Stay energy-efficient and save huge with our best-in-class energy auditing services, starting at just $14 per hour!

Assessing the energy efficiency of construction projects, creating energy audit reports, and monitoring energy utilization are some of the critical aspects of every project. However, this requires skilled resources, unique tools, and assessment systems. Maintaining an in-house team to audit your project's energy consumption is not only expensive but can also prove to be less efficient, considering the complex nature of this process.

When you leverage professional service providers to audit your project's energy efficiency, you receive detailed audit reports that help you identify areas that can be optimized to utilize energy. Outsource2india is an energy auditing company offering proficient services to evaluate energy consumption and conservation. From small residential projects to industrial-grade construction projects, we are equipped to provide energy auditing and green consulting services.

Energy Auditing Services We Offer

Serving different facilities including malls, huge restaurants, storage facilities, industries, and building energy audits for residential projects, we provide accurate energy audit reports.

  • Electrical Energy Audit

    Electrical Energy Audit

    We analyze power quality, transformer loading, performance evaluation of pumps and mortars, compressed air usage, AC, refrigeration systems, and cooling towers and fans.

  • Thermal Energy Audit

    Thermal Energy Audit

    This involves the evaluation of fired heaters, boilers and furnaces, pipe insulation surveys, steam traps, systems to recover waste heat, evaporators, and dryers.

  • System Energy Audit

    System Energy Audit

    Our specialists study the heat and mass balance of your plant and individual systems within it to identify ways to conserve energy.

  • Light Energy Audit

    Light Energy Audit

    While analyzing lighting energy efficiency, we check supply voltage, light automation sensors and timers, existing Lux levels, and architectural changes that affect the lighting.

  • Complete Energy Audit

    Complete Energy Audit

    We carry out a detailed analysis of your plant's energy-consuming systems and equipment and present you with energy-conserving options.

  • Instant Energy Audit

    Instant Energy Audit

    We quickly audit only the focus areas in your plant or construction projects by analyzing critical energy systems and process flows that require immediate attention.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Choose Us?

Offering residential and commercial energy auditing assistance to global clients, you can expect some unique benefits when you choose us -

  • Skilled and Proficient Team

    We have a team of energy-evaluation professionals who will evaluate your project and present you with detailed energy consumption reports and innovative energy-saving suggestions.

  • Advanced Tools and Evaluation Systems

    We leverage advanced tools and energy-evaluation systems that help you to meticulously plan and regularly monitor your energy utilization process.

  • Secure Delivery of Audit Reports

    Once we finish auditing your energy utilization process, we create detailed reports and deliver them to you across secure servers and platforms to prevent a data breach.

  • Swift Turnaround

    Delay in providing energy audit reports prolongs processes that cause energy loss. Hence, we offer quick and accurate services to ensure maximum energy conservation.

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    We understand that energy evaluation needs are seasonal. Hence, we can partner with you on your long-term projects to carry out energy evaluation or just offer a one-time energy evaluation for your short-term projects.

Client Success Stories

O2I Delivered Land Development Project to a Leading Engineering Firm in California

Outsource2india Delivered Land Development Project to a Leading Engineering Firm in California

Our engineers delivered bespoke land development project to a leading engineering firm in California at affordable rates. Also, they assisted them with site development plans such as the cover sheet, driveway connection plan, existing condition plan, master utility plan, stormwater, and the overall site plan.

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O2I Provided HVAC Modeling of 19-Story Commercial Building for American General Contractor

O2I Provided HVAC Modeling of 19-Story Commercial Building for American General Contractor

During the global pandemic, our team of ten specialist MEP engineers proficient in Navisworks provided HVAC modeling of 19-story commercial building for American general contractor at affordable rates with accuracy a turnaround time of three weeks.

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The focus and commitment of Outsource2india's engineers and managers were first-rate, and surpassed our expectations.

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Outsource2India - Offering Quick and Accurate Energy Auditing Services

Carrying two decades of experience in offering efficient infrastructure engineering services to global clients, we offer quick and accurate services to evaluate your project's energy efficiency. Our team will also suggest the best energy-efficient measures for your plant.

If you want to reduce energy consumption and save energy costs without impacting the functioning of your project, then connect with us now.

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