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Outsource Process Planning and Automation Services

Process Planning and Automation Services

As the industry today faces growing challenges in terms of improved availability as well as dissemination of various processing information, Outsource2india helps you meet the increased pressure to meet manufacturing deadlines and to provide efficient customer service with real-time information. Automated process planning and manufacturing activity control is essential for integrated make-to-businesses and our experienced team of mechanical engineers and manufacturing drawing experts help you meet your competition by automating your complete cycle from order entry to order release.

With over two decades of experience in providing various major engineering support services, Outsource2india helps you with developing a holistic manufacturing process planning and automation system complete with dynamic scheduling and material optimization. We help create a custom plan for your production processes by utilizing the latest in computer aided process planning (CAPP) / system process planning.

O2I's Process Planning & Automation - Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Manufacturing

Outsource2india helps you with understanding real industrial & manufacturing challenges when you are looking at incorporating theoretical concepts. With our process planning and automation services, you can be sure of reduced time to market, increased production efficiency, improved product quality, and reduced production cost.

Our list of satisfied global clientele includes major Fortune 1000 players in the field of manufacturing with agile process planning and automation systems. Our services help you to automate existing manufacturing process while optimizing various elements involved in a manufacturing process.

Our exhaustive list of engineering support services for process planning & automation services include -

  • Plant layout design and automation

    • 2D / 3D layout design
    • Simulated factory automation
    • Assembly process simulation
    • Robotics simulation
    • Station layout and optimization
    • Simulation-based work instructions
  • Manufacturing process planning

    • Process analysis
    • Product assembly planning
    • Process documentation and report development
    • Manufacturing component process planning
    • Safety systems planning
    • Control systems planning
    • Containerization
    • Process templates creation
  • Skills / Resource planning

    • Material flow simulations
    • Resource standardization
    • Resource classification
    • Resource assemblies

Process Automation Services

Integrating all the steps in your process planning, we work on automating level-1 process, including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) as well as analog input/output devices, level-2 process involving supervisory control that use Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and level-3 process that involves real-time computing with a mix of new and existing software.

At Outsource2india, we provide the following process automation services, at a high level of functionality and quality.

  • Level 1
    • Automation planning and analysis
    • Distributed control systems (DCS)
    • Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
    • Software testing and support
    • Real-time application support
    • Plant simulation and 3D modeling
  • Level 2
    • Monitoring and analysis support
    • Engineering tool development
    • Asset management services
    • PLC selection, programming and commissioning
  • Level 3
    • Conversion and migration of control software
    • Development of drivers as well as OPC servers
    • Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) services
    • GUI (Graphical user interface) / HMI (Human machine interface) development
    • Communication protocol development
    • Real-time application support

Application Areas of Our Process Planning Services

We possess expertise in the following areas of application -

  1. Tooling and fixture development
  2. Prototype development
  3. Lean manufacturing
  4. Construction equipment manufacturing
  5. Plant operations

The aim of our process planning solution is to optimize the production process to achieve better efficiency and lower costs. To achieve these and other objectives, it is important to automate various functions in a process. Process automation or automation engineering aids in achieving the goal of optimizing production processes. Based on the nature of production lifecycle, customized automation services can be implemented. These can also include individual machine automation and complete factory automation (plant automation).

Why Choose Outsource2india for Process Planning and Automation

Outsource2india is one of the most reliable providers of process planning and automation services in India for over 2 decades. Though production efficiency and improved quality are the two benefits of process automation / process integration, other advantages include -

  1. Better inventory management by optimizing the flow of materials and people
  2. Reduced manufacturing planning time by planned distribution of resources
  3. Reduction of work-in-progress
  4. Better layout planning, ensuring cost savings
  5. Accurate assessment, detailed planning and accurate cost estimation
  6. Improved collaboration and reuse for faster development

Contact Outsource2india for Offsite Process Planning and Automation Services

Changing economic conditions and demand volatility have changed the way how manufacturing companies work. Our automation tools and automation software help you stay one notch ahead of your competitors and better serve your customers' needs. Utilizing a mix of computer aided process planning and manual planning, we can help you optimize and improve your production process. With a qualified team of engineers, quality analysts, project managers and business experts, we can help you achieve your business objectives quickly.

If you have decided on outsourcing process planning and automation services to India, look no further. Contact us to outsource your process planning and automation requirements.

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