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Case Study on Piping and Instrumentation Design and Schematic Drawings

O2I Provided Piping and Instrumentation Design & Schematic Drawings for a Plant Engineering Project

The Client

The Client Requirement

Our client is a company that is passionate about reducing the entire world's CO2 emissions, and they believe we can turn the carbon crisis around and displace about 30% of crude oil we currently use.

They work towards these goals by recycling carbon from industrial off-gases generated from a biomass resource - otherwise known as municipal solid waste, organic industrial waste, and agricultural waste. The company works to reduce these emissions while also making new products, thus creating a circular carbon economy.

A prime example of their vision is for a steel mill to use lightweight steel to build a plane, and then use the production emissions to create fuel for said plane. Ultimately, the client hopes to see a world where everyone thinks like this and as little as possible is wasted. They continuously work to develop technology that would help companies across all industries achieve these goals.

They reached out to us for help on a particular project that required schematic drawings for a plant engineering project, created in AutoCAD 2D based on the client's files and markups, which they provided to us. They sent us these references in OneDrive, giving easy access to all.

Seeing that we have the necessary expertise and experience in this work area, they knew we'd get the job done right.

The exact requirements for the project were as follows:

  • Ten drawings per month.
  • 2-day turnaround per drawing.

Project Challenges

We did face some challenges going into this project, namely when it came to available resources with knowledge on the energy sector. In the end, we were able to put two AutoCAD 2D engineers on the project, who were able to dedicate themselves to it.

We also struggled with capabilities in AutoCAD 2D and AutoCAD Plant 3D, which the client also requested as an additional requirement, to be used for something else they're planning for later.

The Solution

Our Solution

To properly face the challenges and complete the drawings within the client's desired timeframe, the engineers knew they had to develop a solid plan and stick to it. Their plan developed as follows:

  1. We first received the markups and drawings from the client. We were able to review them extensively before beginning and decide which of our engineers would be the best fit for the project.
  2. We then reviewed the files in AutoCAD and clarified a few things with the client regarding their markups and the descriptions and erase any doubt.
  3. After receiving clarification and feedback from the client, we made the necessary changes to the drawings in AutoCAD 2D based on the instructions and markups.
  4. We performed a thorough quality check and we shared the final product with the client.


The Result

In the end, our client was delighted with the results. Not only did they save themselves quite a bit of time and money, but they had the benefit of working with highly skilled professionals. Our expert team was able to make proactive suggestions and changes that only served to benefit the project. They also worked very closely with the client to ensure needs and requirements were being met along the way, giving the client confidence and peace of mind that everything would be up to their standards.

Upon completing the job, the client was so happy with the work they requested our services for additional projects.

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