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Case Study on Unifying CAD Systems for an Auto Parts Manufacturer

Unification of CAD Systems for an Auto Parts Manufacturer

The Customer

The Customer

The customer who approached us at Outsource2india is a leading auto part manufacturing company, based in the United States, which specializes in manufacturing auto parts assemblies, sheet metal components, and automotive parts.

The Requirement

According to latest economic reports, it's important to employ Computer Aided Design (CAD) for the manufacturing of any type of product, as CAD can be used to reap strategic benefits and gain effective budgetary cost savings. Our customer too required assistance with unifying their CAD processes into a single system. This was the business requirement that we had to address at Outsource2india.

The Challenge

During the progression of the work, we encountered the following challenges -

  • We were to provide a low cost and time saving solution that would enable our customer to merge all their CAD drawings, which were created on three different CAD platforms into a new, single and unified CAD design platform
  • Next, our team had to come up with a customized solution that would help the customer to transform their current process for product development and also help in increasing the efficiency of each individual step, in the process
  • Finally, our team had to provide the customer with the best functionality for a unified and on-time CAD system that would assist in choosing the right platform and help in the seamless migration from the current set of CAD processes

The Solution

Our Solution

The team at Outsource2india devised the following winning solution after a careful consideration of all the customer's specifications and after organizing a meeting with our in-house experts -

  • At the onset of the project, we recruited a team of experienced CAD professionals who were not only competent on CAD, but also had extensive experience in managing similar projects on manufacturing spare parts and assemblies
  • Next, our team carried out extensive research to understand the latest developments in the current market. Based on our research, we suggested the use of Autodesk Inventor 2012 as the platform to unify all the CAD processes of our customer
  • Finally, we proposed a free trial to classify the customer's 2D and 3D drawings based on their complexities. We also set the estimated time required for the defined quantity
The Results

The Results

At the end of the project, our customer was able to greatly benefit from the following results -

  • The customer was able to benefit from net savings in their functional cost by a whopping 40% and an overall 32% reduction in the overall estimated time period
  • The customer leveraged the ease of design collaboration. Through outsourcing, the customer could reuse CAD models, unify their product development processes and data across the enterprise and even share best practices
  • Through Outsource2india's standardized and unified solution, the customer was able to enable a "design anywhere and build anywhere" business strategy, which helped in accelerating the production cycle time
  • As result of outsourcing, the customer was able to achieve proper coordination among their cross-discipline teams and effectively accelerate their decision-making process

Is your business enterprise looking for a similar CAD solution? If yes, we at Outsource2india can assist you with a cost and time saving solution that exactly meets your specifications. Partner with us today and enjoy the benefits that outsourcing brings.

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