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Facade Engineering Services

Outsource Facade Engineering Services

Impress and wow the audience and stakeholders of your construction project by choosing our professional-grade, functional, and aesthetic facade engineering services at prices starting at $12/hour

When a building is planned and designed, one component of it that requires a great chunk of undivided attention and a whole lot of creativity is facade engineering. You'll see so much happening on the facade from intricate details to canopies, lanterns, and cantilevers. A good facade design is one that's created keeping in mind several factors like compatibility with the HVAC system, control of incoming noise, natural ventilation, and weather-proof attributes, among others. An experienced facade engineering service providing company in the modern-day and age is the one that follows a holistic approach.

Outsource2india provides professional-grade facade engineering services right from creating designs for new constructions to revamping and running a life cycle analysis. We work in tandem with the architectural team to consider all the design aspects so that the facade design is in congruence with every other element. When we combine decades of experience with the hard work and creativity of our seasoned professionals, the outcome is nothing short of perfect.

Facade Engineering Services We Offer

Outsource2india offers complete facade engineering solutions to keep you covered no matter what your facade engineering needs are. Our team of experts adopts an integrated approach and we create solutions that are economically viable while being highly functional. Safety, energy efficiency, maintenance - we identify all these factors. Here are the facade engineering services that we offer -

  1. Facade Designing

    Facade Designing

    When you decide to have the facade of your building designed, we deploy our team of experts from different disciplines like structural engineering, architecture, weatherproofing to material science to ensure that the facade is designed to be 100% infallible, strong, functional, and beautiful.

  2. Inspection and Auditing

    Inspection and Auditing

    If you already have a facade design or want the existing facade of a building inspected, we undertake such projects. We evaluate the structure, check for compliance of the design with a variety of safety regulations, and audit the building for risk assessment. This gives us and our clients a complete insight into what component of the facade may need modification, if at all.

  3. Building Condition and Life Cycle Analysis

    Building Condition and Life Cycle Analysis

    When you need to have a life cycle analysis conducted for your facade design or an existing facade of a building, our engineers conduct an in-depth building condition assessment, focusing on aspects like environmental stressors, impacts, etc. This helps in understanding how the building will impact the environment from construction to demolition, as well as how the environment would also impact the structure. Life cycle analysis is a doorway to creating sustainable facades.

  4. Material Analysis

    Material Analysis

    We have a dedicated team of professionals who excel in material science. We help our clients with our material analysis services to assess the quality of the material to be used, check for feasibility, and recommend the best material for facade engineering.

  5. Sealant and Curtain Wall Glazing Analysis

    Sealant and Curtain Wall Glazing Analysis

    One of the crucial components of facade engineering is curtain wall glazing as well sealants. We analyze both these components and check for feasibility, and recommend the best practices when designing the curtain wall glazing for structural stability, high performance, and aesthetics.

  6. Fire Safety

    Fire Safety

    Fire safety is yet another important factor to address when designing a facade. We help our clients in identifying the best material with respect to fire safety. We perform in-depth analysis in terms of combustibility, flame spread, toxicity, and smoke development among many other aspects to ensure that the facade of the building is safe.

  7. Wind Load Analysis

    Wind Load Analysis

    Since the facade is that part of the building that is first exposed to weather elements like wind, performing wind load analysis is extremely crucial. Our experts create a simulation to assess the wind flow behavior as per the location of the building to check for pressure loads and how well the facade design can tolerate it. This helps in designing the facade while keeping factors like torsion, base, and base sheer moment in consideration.

Our Facade Engineering Process

We are one of the leading facade engineering service providers in the industry and are known for our transparent approach and our detailed process that involves great quality control to offer our clients unbeatable services. The reason why our facade engineering services are precise and top-notch is that we follow a systematic process. Here are the steps we follow in offering you our facade engineering services -


01. Requirement Analysis

In our first step, we communicate with our clients to gain a complete understanding of their requirements. After assessing the designing specifications among other details, we come up with an SOP, share it with our client, and seek their approval


02. Designing/Analysis

Upon receiving approval from our client, we move on to the designing and analysis stage. Our multidisciplinary team of experts comes together to create a detailed plan of the facade design taking into consideration all the intricacies, and keeping in mind the design of the entire building. We come up with a deadline based on the number of experts who would engage in the project along with how complex the project is


03. Building and Reviewing

After having a plan in place, we start executing it, while progressing through each step of execution with great diligence. We also make it a point to keep the client updated on all the developments


04. Quality Control

We have a dedicated quality assurance team that goes through the deliverables to identify, address, and amend any shortcomings. After the facade engineering design draft is free of all errors, we send it to our clients to review and take their feedback


05. Delivery

We make final changes based on the client's feedback. When the final draft is completely accurate and unerring, we send it to our client via a safe FTP channel

Industries We Cater To

We cater to different types of segments from commercial projects that include (not limited to) -

Office Buildings

Office Buildings



Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Government-related Buildings

Government-related Buildings

Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks

Non-Commercial Projects

Non-Commercial Projects

Housing Projects

Housing Projects

Residential Building

Residential Building

Industrial Projects

Industrial Projects

Data Centers

Data Centers

Cold Storage Units

Cold Storage Units

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Outsource2india For Facade Engineering Services?

Outsource2india is one of the most reliable companies that provide facade engineering services in India as well as abroad. If you're looking for reasons as to why you should outsource facade engineering services to us, we can give you many. Here are a few benefits of partnering with us -

  • Affordable Services

    Our facade design services are not only of top-notch quality but at the same time come with a budget-friendly price tag. We understand that building plans demand a big budget, and you shouldn't feel burdened with facade engineering— the very foundational part of the building. This is why, we assess your requirements, analyze the complexity of the project, and charge fairly.

  • Latest Technology

    We are completely equipped with the latest tools and technologies to offer uncompromised facade engineering services to each of our clients. We use tools like AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, ANSYS, SolidWorks, Tekla, Rhino, etc., and keep upgrading the software every time an update rolls out.

  • Well-Equipped Team

    Over the years, we have built a team of professionals who have worked with us to cater to our clients in the most efficient ways. We vouch for our team of experts. When you partner with us, you get to work with passionate, diligent, and goal-driven individuals.

  • Single Point of Contact

    It can be quite confusing and cumbersome when you communicate with a different expert at different times for your queries. We keep this in mind, and to solve this problem, we assign a project manager to your project so that you can reach them for all your queries and to receive timely updates about the project progress.

  • Quick TAT

    We understand that you must be anticipating to engineer other parts of your project besides the facade. Keeping this in mind, we come up with a deadline that suits you, seek your approval, and ensure that all the deliveries are made well within the stipulated timeframe.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Have any queries? We're available around the clock to address them in no time. Reach us via calls, emails, or our social media pages for any information.

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Outsource Facade Engineering Services to Outsource2india

Since a facade is an important structure of any building, the best solution is outsourcing facade engineering services. A professional company helps address every single issue while designing the facade so that it is highly-functional, safe in every way, and looks stunning. We are among the leading facade engineering companies that believe in a holistic, integrated approach so that our services give you complete satisfaction.

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