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Digital Twin Implementation Services

Outsource Digital Twin Implementation Services

Harness the power of point cloud data and IoT sensors with Outsource2india's digital twin implementation services and avoid inefficiencies by virtualizing your product environment at rates starting at $11 an hour

Want to transform your business and its processes? Fuel it up with Outsource2india's digital twin implementation services to improve the productivity of your physical assets and processes. Our go-to solutions and end-to-end dynamic digital representations of your products, processes, and services help you gain better insight into your products' performance and operational challenges, so that you can analyze, predict, and fix problems way before they could disrupt your normal business functioning.

Leveraging the power of point cloud data and Internet of Things (IoT), O2I's 'connected digital technologies' generate real time data that helps businesses predict operational inefficiencies, prevent downtimes as well as develop new, improved products to enhance customer experience and stay ahead of the curve with future-ready solutions.

Benefits of Digital Twin Implementation

Digital twin enabled solutions can help you -

  • Streamline operations
  • Improve asset performance
  • Boost the real-time monitoring and processing of data
  • Reduce wastage of products and raw materials
  • Bring down the maintenance and operational costs
  • Improve efficiency of company assets
  • Lower down the risks of failure
  • Make your organization future-ready

Digital Twin Implementation Services Offered by Outsource2india

Outsource2india is one of the leading digital twin implementation service provider, helping enterprises to use point cloud data to develop CAD models in platforms like Revit or CADworks for various applications. Through AI algorithms and predictive analytics, we help organizations create powerful model-based simulations and apply data analytics to make their operational processes seamless, improve business productivity, customer services and business efficiency. Our multi-disciplinary teams deliver services beyond digital CAD model creation extending to simulation and asset creation in architectural, structural, GIS, remote sensing and other verticals.

Our scope of our digital twin service includes -

  • Product Design & Development

    Product Design & Development

    By implementing digital twins, we combine all your product data and connect everything virtually, to help you virtually design, validate and test products before taking them to the final production stage. This not only makes your designing more efficient and optimized, but also significantly reduces the development time, bringing more productivity and efficiency into your organization.

  • Pre-Production Support

    Pre-Production Support

    Our digital twins allow you to test all your product components and assemblies before the beginning of the production process to identify and rectify issues in production lines, supplies as well as machineries to boost your production time and profitability.

  • BIM Through Point Cloud Data

    BIM Through Point Cloud Data

    A building information model (BIM) of your asset can be created through point cloud data. BIM is a digital representation of the infrastructure and its physical attributes and serves as a vital tool for an informed decision making on anything related to the asset. We can help augment any existing BIM models or create new models using point cloud data. We leverage specialized BIM software to generate BIM models using various methods like LiDAR.

  • After-Sales Support & Marketing

    After-Sales Support & Marketing

    Our digital twin implementation services help you expertly meet your customers' needs and requirements by integrating with back-end applications, allowing you to change machine specifications on the fly and make IoT an integral part of your business.

  • Building and Construction

    Building and Construction

    Through digital twins, we can help builders, contractors and city planners model their construction and development plans, allowing them to ensure better utilization of resources, efficient management of workforce and superior installation of sensor networks and intelligent systems that can boost the overall quality of life of the residents.

Software We Use for Digital Twin Implementation

Here are some of the industry-leading advanced software used by our expert team.

  • Revit
  • Inventor
  • Solidworks
  • Navisworks
  • CADWorx, Smart® 3D, and PDS - Plant design software developed by INTERGRAPH CORPORATION
  • AutoCAD plant-3D by Autodesk
  • PDMS - Plant design & Management software developed by AVEVA PLANT
  • AutoPLANT developed by BENTLEY

Applications of Digital Twin Implementation

Using the power of big data, IoT, AI and automation solutions, our digital twin implementation services have helped numerous industries and business sectors digitize and resolve their technology and regulatory challenges, making their processes simple, streamlined and future-ready. With digital twins, organizations gain better understanding on their asset performance and can take informed strategic and operational decisions.

Some examples of typical applications for digital twins include -

  • Using predictive technologies to maintain and regulate equipment, processes, production lines, and facilities
  • Gain better understanding of the physical assets through real-time monitoring
  • Optimize manufacturing processes
  • Test, validate, and refine products before sending them for production
  • Improve the connectivity and availability of system, resources and processes across the organization
  • Troubleshoot equipment remotely, regardless of their geographical location

Digital Twin Implementation Process Followed at O2I

At O2I, we follow a rigorous digital implementation process to bring your stationary technologies and processes into the digital world to improve their functioning, performance and business outcomes.

Our process includes -


01. Team Meet

We meet you to understand your line of business and current as well as future requirements. Our expert analysts also scan your processes to evaluate all the challenges that our digital twins can resolve


02. Product Development

Leveraging point cloud data, Internet of Things, and analytics, we create 3D virtual models, ‘the digital twins', of your organization's physical assets and processes, connecting everything together at one centralized location


03. Implementation

We incorporate our digital twins that comprises of several elements like manufacturing simulations, 3D CAD models, and real-time data feeds from sensors into your physical operating environment to facilitate an integrated and holistic view of your product throughout its lifecycle


04. Testing

We thoroughly test our digital twins to ensure they are fully optimized as per your processes and business requirements


05. Optimization

We also optimize your solutions from time to time to keep them compatible with your changing processes, and can also add new lines or remove parts or processes that no longer hold significance in your business

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource Digital Twin Implementation Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india is a leading digital twin implementation service providing company offering its digital twin services to various organizations across the world. Our digital thread consists of leading-edge technologies and automated solutions that help connect all your disparate systems into a single, digitized entity that helps facilitate an integrated view of your systems, processes and products for superior predictions, optimizations, and outcomes. Our certified and highly experienced engineers provide you with real-time simulation technology that help you improve and enhance your asset productivity and tackle all issues and obstacles before they could hamper your production and profits.

Outsourcing digital twin implementation services to O2I can help you enjoy the following benefits -

  • Cost-Effective Pricing

    Our competitive rates make our solutions easily affordable by organizations, big and small.

  • Access to Superior Technologies

    We are powered by various cutting-edge digital twin technologies that can support and optimize your product lifecycle from end-to-end. Our safe virtual environment takes care of all process dependencies and provides most cost-effective improvements possible.

  • Experienced Engineers

    Our certified and expert engineers are the backbone of our processes. With comprehensive knowledge on automation and digital twin implementation, they can create a 360° virtual representation of your products and processes that produce them to enable data-driven decision making and end all kinds of process inefficiencies.

  • Customized Solutions

    We tailor our solutions as per your specific business needs. This allows you to enjoy our services without increasing your overheads.

  • Global Delivery Centers

    Our global delivery centers help us quickly and efficiently deliver our services to a large number of clients, without any lags or service disruptions.

  • Complete Data Security

    We remotely work on client infrastructure or network using web based applications, AutoCAD, Cabinet Vision, Matterport, Willms HT2000 and many more. With all the core data saved on your encrypted servers, you do not have to worry about data leaks or system hacks.

  • 24/7 Help and Support

    Our round-the-clock available customer support executives ensure complete help and support at all times. Their instant availability ensures quick and timely resolution of all queries and concerns.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided HVAC Modeling of 19-Story Commercial Building for American General Contractor

O2I Modeled the HVAC components of a 19-Story Commercial Building for an American General Contractor

During the global pandemic, ten of our specialist MEP engineers used Navisworks to perform HVAC modeling of a 19-story commercial building for an American client.

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O2I Provided UAV LiDAR Mapping of Canadian Railroad of more than 600 Km

O2I Performed UAV LiDAR Mapping of more than 600 km of Canadian Railroads

O2I provided UAV LiDAR Mapping of more than 600 km of railroads in Canada with utmost accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

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The commitment and focus of Outsource2india's managers and engineers were excellent, and surpassed our expectations

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Outsource Digital Twin Implementation Services to O2I

Digital twin implementation services have become imperative for businesses who want to perfect their processes for enhanced productivity of their assets and superior business outcomes. At Outsource2india, we provide a wide range of digital twin implementation services that can help you bring your physical assets and processes to be more productive, connecting everything together through the Internet of Things. Our digital twins empower you with tools and technologies that allow you to analyze your current processes, identify and fix flaws and process disparities before they affect your productivity as well as leverage the power of point cloud data to maximize business profitability.

Digital twin implementation services are the need of the hour, and companies who fail to adopt it will be left behind. So, get in touch with us today to know how your organization can benefit from this digital technology. We'd be happy to help you.

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