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Redesign of Precast Designs Using REVIT within a Quick Turnaround

Success Story on Redesign Precast Design using Revit

We were approached to help redesign existing precast designs using REVIT. This process needed to be completed as quickly as possible and meet the very specific requirements of the client.

Our Client

The client is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete, polymer concrete and plastic products, based in the United States. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, they had very specific needs for their project and were looking for a partner who could provide the following -

  • Redesign existing precast designs
  • Modify existing designs in REVIT
  • Complete all of these modifications and changes within a short period of time
  • Fast communication and a large scope of resources to address the project requirements

Challenges Faced by the O2I Team

The project presented specific challenges that the Outsource2india team had to develop a process to address. These challenges included -

  • The O2I team had not previously worked on projects that involved precast. This process, which involves using a reusable mold to precast concrete forms for use in construction, required very clear understanding by our team
  • The process of fully understanding the precast process, the specific types of molds and products used in this process, and the requirements of this project as related to such processes, made the startup for the project time consuming

Actions Taken by Us

To ensure the best possible outcome for the project, the O2I team took a very specific approach to the project, which included -

  • Providing a trial to the client so they could gauge the quality and speed of the work performed by the O2I team
  • Assigning 5 dedicated resources to the project to work exclusively with this client until completion of the project
  • Producing redlines that highlighted areas in the drafts and drawings providing by the client to make modifications to the existing design
  • Using REVIT to redesign the client's existing precast designs with the redline notes and input from the client's team in terms of what they needed

Project Outcome

As a result of the specific actions taken by the O2I team, the client received a high quality finished product that met their expectations. Specifically, we were able to -

  • Achieve 95% accuracy for the entire project, meeting the client's benchmark for the finished product
  • Successfully redesign the existing precast model and help to update the manufacturing process for the client so they could produce precast concrete for use in construction

To learn more about the processes, we used to address the needs of this particular client or to learn more about our full range of design and engineering services, contact Outsource2india and ask to speak with a member of our team. We can help you determine the best possible solution for your project needs.

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