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Structural Fabrication Drawing Services

Outsource Structural Fabrication Drawing Services

Outsource your structural fabrication drawing services to O2I and receive high-quality services rendered by professional and highly-trained structural engineers

Are you struggling to find high-quality structural fabrication drawing services both within and outside of your company? Are you looking to cut costs and increase productivity and efficiency? Are you looking for skilled structural engineers that can provide high-quality structural fabrication drawing services at economical rates? Are you considering outsourcing structural fabrication drawing services to a reliable and stable partner? If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then you are at the right place. Outsource2india (O2I) is a professionally-run, experienced, and accredited structural fabrication drawing services provider that has serviced many clients both in India and abroad.

Many companies have looked to outsource structural fabrication drawing services and found O2I to be a transparent and reliable partner. O2I has 2 decades of experience with all things related to structural engineering and can provide extremely high-quality services at very cost-effective prices.

Structural Design and Drafting Services We Offer

Outsource2india is a leading provider of structural fabrication drawing services in India and abroad. As a structural fabrication drawing service providing company, O2I has decades-long experience and expertise. When looking at structural fabrication drawing companies, it is important to choose one that has demonstrable experience as well as access to a highly-qualified and skilled workforce. O2I provides highly professional structural fabrication drawing outsourcing services by leveraging on factors such as highly skilled and talented personnel, world-class infrastructure, and international-level quality assurance processes.

O2I's highly skilled drafters utilize the latest CAD technology to provide a gamut of fabrication drawings for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes and structures. They draft column connections to foundations along with base plate details as well as other connection details such as welded, riveted, or bolted connections. Furthermore, they lay out connection details for both moment resisting as well as ordinary moment resisting frames.

The following are some of the additional structural fabrication drawing services we provide -

 Connection Details for Steel Trusses
 Tender Drawings
 Summary for Field and Shop Bolt
 Schematic Drawings
 Sketch Drawings
 Installation Drawings
 Detailed Design Drawings
 Builder's Work Drawings
 Steel Member Detail Drawings for Bracings, Beams, Connecting Members, Columns
 Record Drawings

Tools and Software We Use for Structural Fabrication Drawing

We only use the best and latest tools and software and this has a direct bearing on the quality of our work and output. Some of the tools and technologies we use to deliver outstanding results include, but are not limited to,

CATIA Solid Edge SOLIDWORKS AutoCAD Inventor

Our Structural Fabrication Drawing Process

We follow a well-defined process to ensure that clients always receive outstanding work and results. Our streamlined process ensures that appropriate checks and balances are in place during all stages of project execution and this ensures a seamless experience for clients. The key steps followed during execution of our projects are as follows -


01. Requirement Analysis

In this step, we fully engage with the client to thoroughly understand what the client's requirement is. Relevant information is gathered, sorted, and analyzed.


02. Planning

During this stage, a detailed plan for project execution is drawn up incorporating all the information gained from the requirement analysis step.


03. Building and Monitoring

During this step, the project is executed according to the detailed plan that is drawn up. At the same time, every step and sub-step in the project is carefully monitored and the client is informed in a timely manner on all project developments.


04. Quality Control

During this step, quality assurance teams take over and closely examine the project, checking to see if there are any errors or inconsistencies in the output. They also monitor the project to check that the project has gone according to plan.


05. Final Delivery

After the quality team has checked that all errors and inconsistencies have been sufficiently and thoroughly addressed, final delivery takes place, and all deliverables are securely sent across to the client.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Choosing Outsource2india for Structural Fabrication Drawing Services

There are a host of benefits you will receive when you partner with O2I for your structural fabrication drawing services. We have a lot of experience when it comes to providing such services and you can rest assured that you will receive the highest-quality service at the best rates. Some of the main reasons to outsource structural fabrication drawing services to O2I include, but are not limited to -

  • Reasonable and Cost-Effective Pricing Options

    Our pricing structure is extremely reasonable and economical. However, this does not mean that the quality of work will suffer. We are able to leverage a highly qualified workforce at lower rates and thus, this cost advantage is passed on to our clients. Our pricing structure can be customized according to your needs and requirements.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    Having good infrastructure is a pre-requisite for delivering high-quality work. We work out of world-class office spaces and have access to high-quality network connectivity and the latest tools and technologies, ensuring that our clients get only the best from us.

  • High-quality Services

    We at O2I are committed to delivering only the highest quality work to our clients. Our ISO certification was obtained with just this in mind, i.e., to demonstrate to clients that we take quality very seriously. The people we employ to deliver our engineering services are also very highly-qualified and have years of experience working on and delivering high-quality work.

  • Global Delivery Centers

    Outsource2india has 10 delivery centers spread across the world in different time zones. This provides us with time-related advantages, which means that we can deliver quality services quickly.

  • Data Security

    Data security is taken very seriously at O2I. To this end, we have obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certification to demonstrate to our clients that all their data is securely stored and not divulged to any other third party without relevant permissions.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When you decide to start a business journey with us, we assign a dedicated project manager to oversee all stages of the project. This means that you have a single point of contact to address any of your queries and needs. The dedicated project manager also keeps you updated on all project related developments.

  • Round the Clock Support

    O2I provides round-the-clock support to all its clients. Team members, including those from the sales, marketing, and engineering teams are available 24/7 in case you need to get a query or any other requirement addressed.

  • Experienced Engineering Team

    The engineering team at O2I has more than 25 years of experience in delivering high-quality work for different engineering verticals across different industries. We employ only the most highly-qualified and experienced personnel meaning that you always get extremely professional and high-quality work.

  • Easily Scalable

    The engineering services provided by O2I are highly scalable, meaning that if you suddenly have a requirement for more hands-on deck, we can supply them since we have access to a highly-qualified and seasoned workforce. We are able to deploy additional resources as and when the situation demands.

Client Success Stories

O2I Helped an International General Design and Construction Giant with BoQ Services

O2I Helped an International General Design and Construction Giant with BoQ Services

Our team of highly-experienced structural engineers provided a leading international design and construction company with a high-quality bill of quantity services at a quick turnaround time.

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O2I Provided Structural Modelling Support for a Concrete Supplying Giant

Outsource2india Provided Structural Modelling Support for a Concrete Supplying Giant

Structural support designers at O2I devised a strategic communication framework for gathering information on buildings. The team then carried out scope and seismic analysis and provided accurate reports.

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The commitment and focus of Outsource2india's managers and engineers were excellent, and surpassed our expectations

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Outsource Structural Fabrication Drawing Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a leading structural fabrication drawing service providing company and has put together a great team of engineers. We can address all your structural fabrication drawing requirements and provide you with high-quality service.

If you are looking for a reliable, professional, and cost-effective structural fabrication drawing service providing company, get in touch with us today!

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