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Electrical Grounding System Design Services

Outsource Electrical Grounding System Design Services

Get reliable and secure electrical grounding system design services at affordable rates starting at $9/hour

Grounding or earthing is undoubtedly the most critical component for modern electrical systems and lightning protection designs. Without the proper grounding design and system, the people living or working in a building are at a greater risk of electrocution. The machinery equipment is posed with the risk of malfunctioning and irreparable damage, ultimately causing a greater threat to the lives of the people in the vicinity. Thus, the grounding system should be properly designed by experts to ensure an error-free and high-functioning design that can safely channel or dissipate any erratic electrical energies and surges to the ground, preventing any potential damage to the machinery or people.

O2I develops client and site-specific, customized grounding system designs that are standardized and integrated with the electric layout. Our team of electrical engineers, design specialists, and other experts in electrical grounding solutions use specialized software to design and model an effective and accurate system based on the client goals, soil resistivity data, and other crucial factors.

O2I's Electrical Grounding System Design Services

Our team ensures complete site inspection and analyzes all the necessary data to offer a high-performing grounding design. Our professional electrical grounding services include -

  • Initial Site Investigation for Design Planning

    Our engineers thoroughly inspect the site for soil resistance and get necessary information like resistance-to-ground numbers from the site engineers. They do an in-depth investigation of the site and the building before modeling a grounding design.

  • Data Collection and Site Testing Services

    After the inspection, our team records the crucial data on soil resistivity, and tests borings that are imperative to build a proper grounding design.

  • Testing Existing Grounding Systems

    Our team also tests and commissions any existing ground systems at the site before developing a new system design.

  • Grounding Data Analysis

    Our engineering and design team collaborates to study the collected data together using advanced software systems that take all the data pertaining to soil, electrolyte content, moisture, compactness, minerals, etc., as input and chalks out a systematic grounding design.

  • Detailed Earthing Design Services

    We build leading-edge grounding designs that are in line with standard codes of practice, legislation requirements, and guidelines that involve the following -

    • ENA S34 - A Guide for assessing the rise of earth potential at substation sites
    • ENA TS 41-24 Guidelines for the design, installation, testing and maintenance of main earthing systems in substations
    • BSEN 50522:2010 Earthing of power installations exceeding 1 KV AC
    • IEEE Std 80:2000 IEEE Guide for safety in AC substation grounding
    • BS 7430:2015 Code of practice for the protective earthing of electrical installations
  • Equipment and Material Planning

    Along with the system design, our team drafts the materials, equipment, machinery, etc., along with their quantity and quality specifications for the clients.

  • Existing System Design Alteration Services

    Our team can also update the existing grounding system design and provide maintenance solutions, as required by the clients.

Our Electrical Grounding System Design Process

As a leading electrical grounding system design service providing company, we follow a streamlined work approach to enable systematic and timely delivery of designs. It involves a 6-step process, which is as follows -


01. Site Analysis

First, our team scrutinizes the site on various factors like the resistivity of the soil, the moisture content, the minerals in the soil, etc.


02. Data Collection and Analysis

They collect the necessary data for design creation from the clients and the site engineers.


03. Preparation of the First Draft

The data is fed to the software and the first draft of the design is developed.


04. Testing and Changes

The design is internally checked and sent to the client for review. Any suggested changes are incorporated.


05. Final Design Development

The finalized grounding system design is built as per the client's feedback and sent for final approval.


06. Design Submission

The design is submitted to the client over secured channels to ensure data safety.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Hire O2I as Your Electrical Grounding System Design Service Provider?

The specialists at O2I build custom-fit system designs for your sites with minimal data requirements from the client's side, enabling their teams to focus on their core operations. Below is the list of all the benefits our client's avail when they onboard us for outsourcing electrical grounding system design services -

  • Budget-friendly Designs

    We create system designs that are in-line with your specified budgets so that your resources can be efficiently used and allocated.

  • Experienced Team at Work

    We have a huge team of more than 180 engineers, 150 designers, and other specialists who are specialized and have years of experience in their fields.

  • Top-notch System Design Solutions

    We leverage best-in-class technology to obtain high-quality results. Our grounding system designs are not only reliable but are high functioning, too.

  • On-time Project Completion

    We assure fast turnaround times and make sure that the finalized designs are delivered to our clients within the pre-determined time frames.

  • Flexible Service Fees

    We have highly adaptive and flexible service rates, making us one of the most trusted and reliable partners for outsourcing electrical grounding system design services in the world.

  • Data Security

    Data protection is a priority for us, and we levy all necessary security systems at every level to ensure the same.

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Outsource Electrical Grounding System Design Services in India

O2I builds quality electrical grounding system designs along with creating effective plans for future expansion too. Our team has outstanding knowledge in the field of grounding to develop standard and compliant system designs using state-of-the-art software technologies.

If you are looking for an electrical engineering design company, contact us today and get more information on our expert electrical grounding system design solutions.

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