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O2I Provided High-value 3D Modeling and Photorealistic Rendering Project to a Reputed Engineering Firm

Case Study on 3D Modeling and Photorealistic Rendering

The Client

Our client is a reputable engineering and structural consulting firm established in 1966. Their first services included consulting on business codes, architectural engineering, and structural engineering. They also performed on-site evaluations.

Today, some of their specific focus areas include warehouse design, office buildings, apartments, factories, garages, condominiums, and related residential properties. Ultimately, their goal as a consulting firm is to bridge the gap between classic solutions and the industry's constant regulatory changes. They also strive to offer unique and innovative ideas.

They hired us to help them with a real estate property project, requiring realistic 3D models from two camera angles. They weren't able to complete this task themselves, so they sought a more experienced partner and got in touch with us.

There were three critical pieces to complete this job for them -

  1. We had two weeks to complete it.
  2. The completed files needed to be in PNG format.
  3. The models had to be created using the provided resources, including the building blueprints, elevation drawings, and landscape details.

Project Challenges

We faced two significant challenges when facing this project. First, there needed to be plenty of communication with the client due to the virtual visualization. Our experts initially compiled several options, which we brought up to the client, who had to give final approval.

Second, the tight deadline was an extreme challenge on its own, made even more difficult by the visualization challenges faced in the beginning.

The Solution

Fortunately, our experts are quite adept at facing challenges like these. We were able to develop a highly customized approach to completing the task with the given restrictions and timeframe.

We built the project around the client's unique needs and developed a deliberate, careful, and step-by-step solution. Here's what we did for them -

  1. We began by openly communicating our concerns with the client and letting them know of our challenges. We emphasized our concern with the virtual visualization and worked with the client to develop a plan they approved, which eased the challenge.
  2. Next, we collected the required files to create the models, including the blueprints, elevation drawings, and landscape details.
  3. The team began by creating a first draft of the model with basic textures. The idea here was to minimize detail and provide the client with an initial look at the overall design.
  4. Once completed, we sent our client the initial draft of the model for review and comment before finishing the design.
  5. Once approved, work began on the full, detailed model. Upon completion, we exported the work into the required PNG format.
  6. We sent the completed designs to the client for final approval. They approved the design, offered their feedback, and left us a fantastic review of a job well done.

The Results

In addition to the project's resounding success, the client enjoyed many benefits from the work. Besides having access to a whole team of vetted professionals, their labor costs went down by 40%. They also saved money on expensive software such as V-Ray or Lumion. These programs are costly, and hiring us to work on this particular project saved them from investing in the software themselves.

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