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Case Study on Interactive 3D Floor Plans for an InsurTech Giant Based in Texas

InsurTech Giant Based in Texas Gets Interactive 3D Floor Plans to Accelerate Claims Settlement

The Client

The client is an established US-based InsurTech firm transforming property evaluation and claims settlement using 3D floor models to evaluate real estate properties. Their patented technology platform enables policyholders to conduct virtual interior property inspections for insurance claims, eliminating the need for physical visits. Their 3D models and floor plans facilitate easy assessment of damaged properties, simplifying the claims process significantly. The client's platform has remarkably impacted the insurance industry by delivering reliable inspection data efficiently.


The client sought an offshore team that could effectively handle 3D modeling tasks. This included processing images from diverse data sources like smartphone photographs, LED/industrial scanners, scan-to-CAD/reverse engineering images, and sketches. Finding a partner with a deep understanding of the InsurTech domain and property evaluation was crucial for their success.

The Vice President of Technology at the client's InsurTech company approached us, recognizing our experience and competence from past projects, including Realvision. As a result, they chose our architectural engineering outsourcing company to overcome their challenges. Our specialized skills and proficiency in the field assured the client that they were working with the right team to streamline property assessment and optimize their claims settlement processes.

The Challenges

The InsurTech client was experiencing several initial challenges that needed to be addressed with proficiency and adaptability.

  • The first hurdle was getting acquainted with the client's platform and understanding the intricate nuances of its unique software technology and workflow. Mastering the platform's tools for parameter validation was crucial to ensure accurate property evaluations for claims settlement.
  • Another significant challenge stemmed from the need to incorporate diverse global construction methods for different structure types, such as homes and garages, into our 3D modeling and floor plans.
  • Additionally, we tackled the issue of image clarity variations and potential drift problems arising from different phone types used during image capture.

Our commitment to excellence and meticulous approach enabled us to navigate these challenges successfully, culminating in a seamless and efficient property evaluation process for the client's claims settlement needs.

Our Solution

In response to our client's specialized property evaluation needs, our architectural engineering outsourcing company devised an effective solution that was customized to their needs.

Our team consisted of five highly qualified modelers, each with 3-4 years of experience in the architectural engineering discipline. This ensured we had a skilled workforce capable of interpreting complex site survey images, floor plans, and other crucial data extracted from the client's application.

  • To foster a profound understanding of the client's platform and workflow, we offered regular training sessions and conducted internal knowledge-sharing meetings. This collaborative approach helped our team align with the client's requirements and provided them with the necessary expertise to navigate the intricate evaluation process.
  • Finally, our team generated interactive 3D floor plans for interior spaces. We achieved precision and accuracy by employing standard object sizes, particularly doors, as reliable calibration references.
  • We adopted an iterative feedback loop to meet the client's expectations. After creating the first set of measurable 3D floor plans, we eagerly sought approval and feedback from the client. This allowed us to make necessary adjustments and refinements, ensuring the final product matched their specifications.

We maintained our meticulous approach with each subsequent project, delivering consistent and reliable interactive 3D floor plans. As a result of our tailored solution and a dedicated team, our client witnessed a remarkable improvement in their claims settlement process, effectively streamlining property evaluation, and elevating their service standards.

The Result

The success of our architectural engineering team in supporting our InsurTech client's property evaluation process lies in the exceptional solution we provided.

  • We transformed digital photos taken at loss sites into fully-realized interactive 3D room models, streamlining the claims settlement journey.
  • With an average dedication of 2,000 hours of 3D modeling support each month, we ensured efficiency and timely deliverable.
  • Our flexible engagement model allowed the client to easily upscale or downscale resources as needed, accommodating weekend work, holidays, and preferred shifts for seamless collaboration.
  • Our trained professionals seamlessly integrated into the client's workflow, demonstrating proficiency from the outset.
  • Within a year, they expanded their utilization from 5 modelers to 20, a testament to the value we created together.

The success of our partnership is evident in the client's satisfaction. Our exceptional solution empowered the client to enhance their claims settlement process and elevate their services, making it a successful collaboration.

Empowering InsurTech Innovations through Accurate Property Modeling

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