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Outsource Planimetric Mapping Services

Planimetric Mapping Services

Geographic Information System (GIS) serves multitude of purposes by providing smart maps, embedded with intelligent data that help in urban planning, infrastructure, transportation, energy exploration, natural resource conservation, natural disaster recovery and management, etc. As a geospatial industry leader, Outsource2india has an extensive and proven record of delivering complex projects involving detailed planimetric mapping, on time and within budget. We have offered planimetric maps, digital planimetric mapping services, photogrammetry services, and GIS planimetric services to global clients including General Mapping Agencies, Municipal Organizations, Urban Planners, and Public Utilities, meeting their unique business specifications.

Outsource2india's vast experience in offering planimetric mapping services allows to successfully deliver several projects that includes 'planimetric feature collection' and 'updating old planimetric data/feature' (like Driveways, Sidewalks, Buildings, Water bodies, Vegetation limits Roads, Ditches, Railway lines, Light/Electricity/telegraphic pole, etc.) using new aerial images.

Planimetric Mapping Services We Offer

Outsource2india provides detailed and comprehensive planimetric services by using the latest Spatial Technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to produce effective topographic and planimetric maps. With ample experience in digitizing planimetric maps from aerial photography, we deploy speed and consistency to create intrinsic maps that provide accurate and aesthetically appealing planimetric mapping which meets the required specifications of any GIS.

We have the expertise to -

  • Provide GIS mapping of all natural and manmade structures which are of high importance to GIS projects
  • Offer services wherein we can digitize the planimetric data from photographs
  • Successfully generate and analyze maps, symbols, and contours on maps
  • Create 2D or 3D vector maps and send it to the clients' CAD system formats
  • Add additional structural elements like buildings, waterways, roads, utility signs, etc. This leads to accurate imagery, and can be used for further reference

Outsource2india's Planimetric Maps Feature -

  • Planimetric Mapping Images
  • Enhanced editing
  • Programming functions
  • Aerial photogrammetry services
  • True polygon topology
  • QC functions
  • Optional attribution
  • Street centerlines derived from road edges
  • Water bodies for a better aesthetic look
  • Hand-placed hydro centerlines
  • Optional attributions

Outsource2india's Planimetric Mapping Process Flow

Working as your offsite planimetric mapping services team, we follow an end-to-end process when we work on generating planimetric mapping data. Our team strictly follows pre-determined multi-stage process to ensure complete quality and accuracy in our service offerings. The overview of our process is as follows -

digital and aerial photographs

Our team refers to digital and aerial photographs and stereo imagery to extract planimetric data

collects all the visual planimetric features

The team collects all the visual planimetric features (including the manmade ones) surrounding the area of the project under discussion

development and coding

If required, the team creates break lines and generates contours, as they aid in creating the terrain in the area

2D or 3D vector maps

All the planimetric features are converted into digital format, and if needed 2D or 3D vector maps are created

CAD as per the client's request

The team converts it to a format in CAD as per the client's request

useful planimetric map

We extend our expertise to adding all natural & manmade structures, to provide useful planimetric maps

Why Choose O2I for Planimetric Mapping Services?

At Outsource2india, a combination of imagery processing technologies and tools, photogrammetric compilation, as well as GIS-based mapping methodologies are combined to extract data that features imagery. These images are used to support planimetric, spatial analysis, natural resource, and environmental planning issues. Some of the reasons for you to choose us include -

  • As a pioneer in planimetric mapping services in India, Outsource2india has matchless reputation for offering highly accurate and cost-effective GIS mapping services to the global clientele
  • Bringing in proven expertise, technological advantage, and strong commitment to each and every project, the team of developers and designers provides unparalleled project delivery each time, every time
  • We are an ISO certified company who are committed to provide our clients with the best quality planimetric mapping services
  • Outsourcing planimetric mapping services to Outsource2india allows you to access a global talent pool who can create superior quality 2D or 3D vector maps across different scales
  • A strict quality policy, global project delivery norms, and relatively lower project costs makes Outsource2india an ideal support services partner
  • Our proficiency lies in taking the aerial photographs and digitizing planimetric data as well as extracting the relevant information which can form the base for GIS maps
  • We use the best available spatial technology to extract the planimetric features for our clients

Client Success Story

Provided Radius Mapping Services to US Based Client

O2I Provided Radius Mapping Services to US-based Land Expedition Services Firm
A leading New York-based land expedition services firm wanted our civil engineering team to handle their radius mapping requirement. Our team of highly experienced civil engineers provided the best-quality radius mapping services within a quick turnaround time.
Read the case study.

Outsource Planimetric Mapping Services to Us


Outsource2india has been a tremendous resource for our engineering department. They are very precise and attentive to all our needs and have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible.

General Partner,
Manufacturing Company in USA
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Accurate reading of the planimetric data and the creation of additional features requires skill, deftness, and judgment which our team brings to the table with our geospatial mapping services and other civil engineering services. Outsource2india employs state-of-the-art technology, processes, and a dedicated team of talented people who are result-oriented and experts in their respective fields. Our vast experience in the area of GIS mapping and planimetric services makes each one of our team members an asset to the process.

When you outsource planimetric mapping services to Outsource2india, you can be assured of timely delivery of work that is in-tune with the specified guidelines with utmost efficiency.

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