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Aerial Mapping Services

Outsource Aerial Mapping Services

Get access to comprehensive aerial and GIS mapping services with a faster turnaround times, low cost, and detailed mapping of the site. Prices start at $12/hour

Through the application of advanced technologies, Outsource2india provides mapping services that offers the capability of high precision, airborne data capture for our clients. Using the latest in aerial data capture and processing technologies, we provide highly accurate lidar, orthographic, tilted image, and derivative products which conform to the usual national and International map standards.

Aerial Mapping Services We Offer

Outsource2india uses aerial UAS/UAV drone technologies, which are uniquely suited to mapmaking and volumetric applications. We support civil engineering projects, land planning, GIS-based mapping and data acquisition, mining operations, and any other discipline requiring a map with the quality of a survey, for a fraction of the cost of traditional surveying.

Our aerial drone mapping services include -

  1. Civil Engineering Design Mapping

    Civil Engineering Design Mapping

    Civil engineering projects need precise topographic mapping data in order to assure design parameters are representative of the conditions in reality. The Aerotas low-altitude requirements mean denser sampling over a surface, often leading to higher precision compared with traditional land surveys. Drone 3d mapping services can also be complemented by traditional survey measurements.

  2. Land Planning Mapping

    Land Planning Mapping

    Land planning requires information on maps that is reliable, and that do not blow your budget. With our cost-effective aerial 3d mapping services, you do not need to risk using an outdated or suspect source of maps/data. We can provide high-quality, project-ready surface data within your planning budget.

  3. Mining and Pit Operations

    Mining and Pit Operations

    When a surveyor is able to gather accurate topographic mapping and volumetric data using aerial drones, this dramatically decreases the risk/responsibility, eliminating the amount of time a surveyor needs. With the drone's ability to gather data from the air, no time is needed for surveyors to walk the ground.

  4. GIS Base Mapping and Data Acquisition

    GIS Base Mapping and Data Acquisition

    No matter what specialty of GIS you are working in -- forest, resource management, environment, agriculture, remote sensing, oil & gas, or others -- mapping with a drone provides precise data, fast, and inexpensively. With a simple-to-deploy aerial mapping drone, we can capture precise aerial images and convert them to two-dimensional Orth-mosaics (maps) and three-dimensional models of small-to-medium size sites.

  5. Site Inspection / Construction Monitoring / As-Built Mapping

    Site Inspection / Construction Monitoring / As-Built Mapping

    Remote inspection of sites, building tracks, and as-built mapping are now made faster, easier, and more effective using aerial imagery and mapping. Track the construction progress through regular mapping, starting at the beginning and end of the project.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I for Aerial and Drone Mapping Services?

Here are some key reasons to work with us -

  • Minimize Costs

    Internal mapping services requires a lot of time and money. When you outsource your mapping services you will not have to spend on purchasing equipment, licensing software and data storage, and hiring and training new employees.

  • Access to Top-of-the-Line Equipment

    As an aerial mapping service provider, we have the latest UAS equipment to give you incredible results.

  • Drone Service when you need

    If you outsource your mapping requirements to us, you get projects done within your timeframe, and only pay for what you need.

  • ISO Certification

    Outsource2india is an aerial mapping company that is ISO certified. We are committed to providing our clients with the best quality mapping services.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Radius Mapping Services to US-based Land Expedition Services Firm

O2I Provided Accurate and Reliable CAD Drawings for an Insulated Panel Manufacturer

Our CAD engineers created robust CAD drawings for a US-based structural insulated panel manufacturer, saving the company over $145,000. The entire project was completed within time, thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the customers' business processes.

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O2I Provided UAV LiDAR Mapping of Canadian Railroad of more than 600 Km

O2I Created High-quality Architectural 3D Revit Models for a Leading Design Agency

O2I used its expertise in point cloud technology to provide a leading design firm with sustainable architectural 3D Revit modeling designs within a short period.

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Outsource Aerial Mapping Services to Outsource2india

Using the latest in aerial data capture and processing technologies, we provide high-accuracy products that comply with global mapping standards.

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